Alright, Survivors, how did you like that challenge? You loved it? You want me to run it again, immediately? Well… we’ll see. So, how did things end up? Here’s the finally truth tally:

Loyal Subjects: 11 truths
Monster Trucks: 6 truths
Renegades: 10 truths.

A fairly close battle for first, that switched at pretty much the last moment.  Of course, it doesn’t really matter, as only the losing team is sending someone home.  Team Big Ass Monster Trucks, get me your elimination votes by 6 p.m. Friday.

The next challenge is going to be one that people will want to be around for in the earlier parts, if they can.  No one has yet indicated to me that this weekend is particularly bad for them, so as things currently stand, I’m going to post the challenge Friday night, to start Saturday morning.  Unless there’s a very tremendous outcry.  The next challenge might be somewhat familiar to some of you, and, well… you’ll see.  Basically though, it will probably be to your advantage to be active early.  Wee!