Welcome back, Survivors!  That was quick.  Now it’s time for our fourth challenge.  Something tells me this one might big a biggie.  That’s because at the end of this challenge each team will be eliminating a member.

Here’s how it will work: everyone will be set up on a single group chat for the challenge.  All discussions should happen in the big group.  Do not use your team chat pages for this challenge.  You can talk to anyone you want to (via the chat site) during the challenge though, meaning both your team, and the other two teams.  At the end of the challenge the big group chat will be shut down, and everyone will go back to their individual teams.  A certain number of people from your team will have won protection during the challenge.  Those people cannot be voted for.  Everyone else on your team will be eligible for elimination.

So what’s the challenge?

Pogs!  Which you already know from reading the post title anyway.

Had enough trading after that last challenge?  Of course you haven’t!  Time to swap some pogs!  In simplest form, here’s how it works:

There are 7 sets of pogs, each of which has 4 different pogs in it (for example, The Beatles set would have John, Paul, George, and Ringo)(The Beatles are not one of the actual sets.)  You start the game with 5 pogs.  None of them will be from the same set.  Your goal is to get a complete set of 4, by trading with other players.  If you get a complete set, you will be safe from the next elimination.

Each pog set is a different theme.  Each of the 7 groups has 3 common pogs and 1 rare pog.  You will not be told which pog is rare. There will be no list, so you’ll have to guess about the Pogs you haven’t seen.  However, if you have a Ringo Starr Pog, you can probably guess what three others are in the foursome.  The decision for which card in a set is rare was done randomly. So, don’t assume John Lennon is rare just because he’s John Lennon (also, because I’m totally on McCartney’s side).

In addition to the 7 sets, there are four Old Maids.  If you have an Old Maid in your hand you cannot win protection from the vote, no matter what other cards you have.  So you’ll want to trade that away.  There is also an ultra-rare ALF Pog, which protects you all by himself. Nobody will start the game with this Pog.

Here is what will be dealt out, randomly, to start the game:

4 Old Maids
14 Rare cards (2 of each)
117 Common Cards (at least 5 of each)

Which makes five for each Survivor.  I will e-mail you your 5 starting pogs.  The draw is completely random. So, sorry in advance for anyone who gets dealt the Old Maid. At least the card should make you chuckle, though.

In addition to pogs, you will start with 5 Phipher-Phiph Coins.  More on these in a little bit.  First, let’s look at how trading works:


In order to start trading, you will sign into your chat page, where you will discover that there is a new group which you belong to.  Everyone is in this group.  In this new group, you can interact with anyone, including players from other teams.  You can discuss trades of cards, trades of coins, some of both, or whatever you want, really (really.  Discuss whatever you want.).  You can trade cards as often as you want with the other players.  Once you’ve reached an agreement on a trade, you will e-mail me the terms of that trade.   Both players must email me the terms of the trade in order for it to pass through. No trade is final until I email you back.

Of course, this being Survivor, you can lie. In fact, this is really the only way to get rid of your Old Maid cards, if you have them. If both people email me giving the same terms, I’ll put it through. But if you want to unload a different card, say “I agreed to trade Ringo to Humberto, The Amazing Sandwich, in exchange for John. However, instead of Ringo, give him my Old Maid.”

Multiple Pogs can be traded at once with a player. Trade your whole deck if you feel like it.  In addition, uneven trades are allowed.  If you make an uneven trade it will affect the number of “slots” you have (everyone starts with 5 slots, you get more by buying them or trading for extra pogs, you lose them by trading away extra pogs).

The only thing that isn’t allowed is to give Pogs to someone for nothing.  You can also trade for Currency, too (explained next). If someone trades three Phipher-Phiph Coins for a card they want, that’s fine. Or any number, whatever. You cannot lie about the amount of Currency you’re trading though – only Pogs.

I will confirm all trades as soon as I see them.


Everyone will start with five Phipher-Phiph Coins. You can trade them, but you can also buy Pogs with them:


Random Common Pog – 1 Phipher-Phiph Coin
Specific Common Pog – 3 Phipher-Phiph Coins
Random Rare Pog – 5 Phipher-Phiph Coins
Specific Rare Pog – 8 Phipher-Phiph Coins
ALF Pog – 25 Phipher-Phiph Coins
Learn if a card is rare or common – 2 PP. If the pog doesn’t exist, you’ll be told so and will lose the money.
Add slot – if you’ve fallen below five card slots (by making an uneven trade), you can get one for 3 PP. With it, you’ll get a random common pog.

If you buy a Pog, you must drop one of your existing Pogs from circulation.  It cannot be an Old Maid Pog.  If you try to buy a Pog that doesn’t exist, you will lose your money but get nothing. If you request a Rare pog but it’s actually a common, or vice versa, you will lose your money but get nothing.  Basically, if you try to buy a pog but fail for some reason, you’ll lose your money and get nothing.

If you want to buy stuff, let me know. Like with cards, I’ll keep your info in a too-large spreadsheet so I know if you can afford it.

This is the only way to get an ALF Pog, and there’s only one.  In addition to providing you protection in this elimination, the ALF Pog comes with a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

The challenge will end either:
1) when any one team has 5 of its members be safe from the vote, or
2) when one person acquires the Alf pog (and the challenge has run at least 3 days), or
3) Friday, Nov. 1st at 3 p.m.
Whichever happens first.  If either of the first two outcomes happens, I will reveal that that is the reason the challenge is ending.

I will be e-mailing out your starting hand of pogs late this afternoon/early evening.  Around that time, the large group chat should be available.  Once you have your pogs and the large group chat is open, you may begin.

I imagine there will be around eight billion questions, so you can put them here (remember, do it in character). I probably forgot stuff too.

Cheers, Survivors.