Well that was fast.  24 hours in, and the challenge is over.  Apparently I didn’t make the rares rare enough, or something.  There were people who didn’t even get a chance to get their feet wet here, which kind of makes me feel sick about it.  But, them’s the breaks.

Each team must now send me their vote to eliminate a player from their team.  Here’s a list of people you cannot vote for:

Loyal Subjects:
Gaspar Fopsworth
Cellular Mitosis
Mitch The Possible
Ambidextrous Jon
The Mysterious Norway

Monster Trucks

Honey Bunches Of Donald
Humberto, The Amazing Sandwich
Inspector Gidget
Winnie The Screw

I’d like votes to be in to me by 9 p.m. Sunday night. Best of luck, Survivors!