Hey Survivors! You see this grin on my face? Oh boy do I have a surprise for you. Yes, it is time for a Hide Yourself, and a Best Character Vote. But that’s not why I’m grinning… First, a little business to attend to.

How did the Pog challenge go for you? Did you like interacting with players from other teams? Did you make new friends? Some enemies? Will those connections come back to help you, or hurt you? And when? Well, that’s the easy answer. Because “when” is right now.

Drop your buffs, Survivors! It’s time to make some new teams. You are no longer “The Renegades Of Fun,” The Loyal Subjects Of King Herbert The Twelfth” or “Team Big Ass Monster Truck”. Instead, we will be forming two new teams.

On the chat site you’ll find a new group for your new team. That is where you should be doing all of your discussion now. All discussion on the old team site should cease immediately.

Here are your new teams:

Synergy Through Chaos:
Captain Ezekial Jailbait
Honey Bunches Of Donald
Inspector Gidget
A Really Scary Mummy
Eats A Lot Of Pie
Lt. Borf
Skunk Bait Jones
Gaspar Fopsworth
Gloria Taxachussets
Mitch, The Possible
Perforated Eddie

Mike Rivet’s Tools For Winning:
Humberto, The Amazing Sandwich
Pugnacious Emile
Winnie The Screw
Cuthbert Headlam
Dave, Circa Tuesday
Drake Constantinople
Sir Assheton Pownall
Ambidextrous Jon
Cellular Mitosis
Jesus H. Buddha
The Mysterious Norway

Your first task is to rename your teams.
Your second task is as follows:


First, the Hide Yourself.
If you know the true identities (first and last name) of three players, you can submit them to me via email. When everyone is in, I’ll randomly pick a list of three. If you are choosing not to send in a list, please tell me so, so I can speed things up.
If your list gets selected and you are wrong about any of the players, you will be eliminated. If the selected list is correct about all three people, those 3 will participate in 4-person challenge with the person who listed them. The loser of that challenge will be eliminated. So yes, there’s a lot of risk, to this. For everyone.

Second, we have the Best Character Vote.
E-mail me the name of the player who is your favorite character. You cannot vote for yourself. The winner will get a clue to an immunity idol. Obviously this could be used by people to help their allies, so if I see any communication about this on the chat site, I will need to come down pretty hard on those players. This is supposed to reward character creation/devotion, after all, not just be another tool for alliances.

The deadline for both of these, as well as naming your new team, is 8 p.m. Tuesday evening. A new challenge will go up at that time.
A couple people have recently mentioned to me problems with the chat site, particularly on mobile devices. If anyone has any thoughts on the chat site – pro or con or begging to be allowed to e-mail too – whatever, now is your chance to send ‘em in. There’s a lot of game left, so we want to fix whatever we can in the meantime.