Would you believe that we’ve gone over 2 years without one of these things running?


Does 5 months seem more accurate, but still probably too long?  Good, let’s go with that.

Look, details aren’t important.  What’s important here is that we should do some writing and then some reading and then maybe some judging.  Sound good?  Here’s how PWTP4 is shaping up.

Players – You.  Tell your friends and your enemies.  Sign up by commenting below or sending me an email (daneekasghost – gmail).  If you are here but you have no idea what Play with the Prose is, there are archives from previous seasons available (go here), but it’s a writing competition without any eliminations or wolf-kills or power boomerangs or what have you.  Just the highest rated writing is enough to get you to the top.

Current Participationators:

Brian David
The Dread Pirate
infantsquirrel (possible – baby stuff)

Judges – Myself (DG) and my one-time nemesis DK.  Will we agree on everything?  Will we agree on anything?  Will we slowly destroy this season in an escalating series of schemes and counterschemes to undermine each other?  Will the season be the first ever feel-good story to occur at CdL when we learn to appreciate our differences and just get along? Time will tell.

Medal System – We’re using this.  Non-sub policy will be similar to what it was the past (if you don’t submit an entry you get -2 medal points, if you submit after the deadline, but before judging is finished you get 0 medal points).  Assuming 12 players, there will be six medals (two each of bronze, silver and gold) given by each judge every week, which are worth 1, 3 and 5 points respectively. The standings will be according to medal points accrued over the course of the season.

Playoffs – Regular Season will be 12 challenges long.  Top 6 scorers make it to the playoffs.  Top 2 get a first round bye.  Winner gets a silly nickname posted on the sidebar for all eternity.

What are we writing about?  – I don’t know.  I’ve never been one to come up with anything too convoluted for writing challenges, so I’m sure it will be something straightforward.

Have at it, prosers.  I’m at least interested to see what this stuff looks like from the other side.  When we start will depend on judge availability, interest, and the phase of Mercury.