This post is to let you know about the next big game on Cutthroat Junction, “Musical Chairs.” I intentionally made it a game that can be played with a minimum of effort, if desired, so players aren’t crushed by all the activity on the sites.

If you’re a new player here as of Survivor this season, don’t hesitate to get in on this over at my other site,

Details after the jump.

You look bored. With only Spookymilk Survivor, The CJ Pyramid and Play with the Prose going, in addition to Gilman’s crushing crossword, what’s a gamer to do?

This one is intentionally not time intensive, though I guess you can MAKE it time intensive as a player, if you choose to do so. I guess that explains Spookymilk Survivor too, eh?

In this one, every day I will set up a number of chairs that is equal to the players remaining, minus one. By the end of the day you will each choose a numbered chair to sit in.

At the end of the day, I will announce who’s sitting where. The first elimination will be one of the people (at random) in the chair that the largest number of people are attempting to sit in. So, assuming a situation where twenty people play, if every chair is used but two people sit in #14, one of those two people will be the elimination that day.

Stick with me: if there are multiple ties with the same number of people, then the victim will be taken from the chair with the lowest number. At a glance it might make no sense to grab a low-numbered chair, but if everyone picks #20, the elimination will come from there. Are we good so far? This is really simple in my head.

The next day, we’ll do the same thing. However, to eliminate randomness and foster good strategic play, the rules of the elimination change from here on out. Instead of randomly picking from the pair, triad or whatever that is up for elimination, I will eliminate the one from the pair or triad who has previously tied with the most people. So: on day two, let’s say three people pick chair #19 and this is the death chair. If one person was in a pair the day before, and another was in a triad, then the one from the triad will be eliminated because he’s got a running total of 2. The person with 1 will now have a total of 3 and, moving forward, will want very much to stay out of pairs or more as much as possible.

If there ends up being a tie at any point thereafter, randomness will be reintroduced, but the longer we go the less likely this becomes.

So, I think I love this game, but I’ve been wrong before. What I want is for people to be able to strategize and plan without guaranteeing the elimination of any one other person.

I am not going to cap the number of people who can play this game, though I am going to cap the number of days, probably at eighteen or twenty. Thus, if I have to have dual-elimination days, I will. If this comes up, then both people from the low pair will be eliminated (or two from the low triad, at random). I will run dual elimination days at the beginning and will let you know when they’ll stop, if this comes up.

Sign up now and I’ll try to start in two or three days. Feel free to ask questions, as I’m sure some things here could use clarification.

Points will be distributed the same as they were in the last game. The winner will get 100, second place will get 50 and everyone else will be evenly spaced down to five points for the first elimination.