First off, let me apologize again for the deadline move-up snafu last night.  I thought people were around, we were close to finishing… I let my impatience get the best of me.  Sorry.  I forgot how tense it could be as a player, especially in a tie-breaker situation, with a lot riding on things.  We’re just about a month in, and I’m still learning here.   Constructive feedback is always appreciated.  Seriously.

Second, let me say, “damn, you guys are good at hangman.”  Seriously.  This was an amazing challenge.  Almost all of the match-ups were within a miss, most of them within a guess or two.  Incredibly impressive.  And it was fitting that it went down to a tie-breaker, given the excellent performances on both sides.  In fact, I was seriously impressed with both team’s tie-breaker performances.  Here’s the results:

Synergy: 0 misses, 3 guesses.

Tools: 1 miss, 5 guesses.

This means that Mike Rivet’s Tools For Winning will need to vote out a player.  You have until 10 p.m. on Thursday.  The next challenge will go up sometime on Friday, but I will not actually begin running it until Monday morning, so y’all will have another weekend off (though you might want to strategize over that time).  Unless people object.  But I heard only nice things about this past weekend break, so I figure it’s a good thing.