Congratulations, Survivors,  you’ve made the top two-thirds.  That means that, of the remaining 20 players, only 19 of you will fail to win.  And with that happy thought, I’ll introduce the next challenge!  It’s another new one: Trivia Buckets.

In Survivor the CBS show there are frequently challenges where a team needs to take water from some source and fill up a different large container.  The way they do that is with a pail that has holes, or the target container has a slow leak, or something like that.  Basically, if you don’t move quickly enough or carefully enough, you ultimately lose water, rather than gain it.  That’s what this challenge is designed to emulate.

Instead of moving water, we’re going to have trivia.  Your team’s goal is to get 30 points.  You get 1 point for each right answer (this is the “carefully enough” portion described above).  Every wrong answer you give subtracts one of your points.  So if you get your first 30 answers right, great, you win.  If you’re at 29 points, then miss one, you go back to 28, and will need two more correct answers.  The team to hit 30 points with the fewest questions taken wins.  There will be 60 total available questions.  If, by some strange chance, neither team hits 30 right answers, the team with the most points at the end will win.  Also, teams can’t go below 0 points.  So a slow start is better than a hiccup later on.

In addition to the “getting things right” portion of this challenge, there is a timed portion.  When you e-mail me requesting your questions, you will have 1 minute per question to answer.  You can request as many questions at a time as you want.  So if you request 3 questions, you will get 3 questions, and have 3 minutes to respond with all 3 answers (in one e-mail… so not 9 minutes, just 3.  1 per question.).  If you request all 60 questions, you will get an hour.  If you do not respond within the allotted time (and I’ll give a small grace period, for e-mailing times), you will lose a point for your team.  For each additional minute you go over, you will lose another point, up to the number of questions you requested (this is the “quickly enough” portion described above).

Because there is a timed element, you will want to e-mail me to make sure I’m around, before requesting your questions.  It has worked well enough for other games we’ve played here in the past, so… trust the process, I guess.  If there’s problems, we’ll fix ‘em as we go.

In addition, everyone on your team must request/answer (not necessarily correctly) at least 3 questions, or else they will be considered a non-sub.  Any team with a non-sub will be required to vote out a member.

The questions will be of a wide variety.  Some will be Casa de Leche trivia.  Some will be sports trivia.  Some will be, yes, Matt trivia (you might have learned something in that last challenge, that you can put to use now!).  There will be math problems, and history, and geography, and all sorts of things.  A wide variety of things so that everyone can contribute and/or fail.  Google, or teammates, or whatever else you want to use, is allowed.  But don’t forget the time limits.  Some of the questions will be easy.  Some will be hard.  What you end up with as an individual will be the luck of the draw, but remember, this is a team challenge.  And yes, of course, both teams will get the questions in the same order.

If you’ve got questions, let me know.

I’m setting a deadline of Thursday, November 21, at Noon.  Note the early time.  There are things going on that evening, so the deadline has to be early.  If it turns out that we really really need more time (given the semi-live element to this challenge), we’ll adjust.  In addition, I said I would give the weekend off, and so I want to honor that.  But, given the semi-live element (again), I do want to make sure I’m around to handle this on a schedule that works for the players.  So I will start my availability Sunday evening.  Until that time, teams can line up their order of who is taking questions, and how many at a time, etc.

I will keep a running tally of how many points a team has posted, but I won’t show how many guesses they’ve taken, just because that seems to encourage waiting…  Showing ongoing point totals doesn’t do much, but it at least gives us something to look at on the site.