Nice work on a difficult challenge, Survivors!  Before we get to the results, it has occurred to me that next week is Thanksgiving.  So a scheduling note:  We’re going to run the next challenge starting sometime on Friday, ending sometime on Tuesday.  Yes, it will run through the weekend.  So if you’re a person who finds weekend participation a little tougher, here’s your heads up.  We’ll have the next elimination due Wednesday night, then take off Thanksgiving + the whole weekend following (I’ll probably post the new challenge, but won’t start it until the Monday following.).

Now, for the results of Trivia Buckets.  This challenge was very close.  Very.  I was afraid it would be too easy, so I tried to build in some difficulty.  Thanks again to the people who helped write some of the questions.  Turned out to be fairly balanced.  Also, each teams’ complaints pretty much balanced each other out, which was nice.  So, how did you do?

Tools finished with 30 points in 51 questions.
Synergy finished with 30 points 52 questions.

You guys were neck and neck throughout.  Everyone finished strong, getting every question right from 41 on.  Except for one… Synergy missed the second person to get 14 k’s in a perfect game, and that proved fatal.  Especially so for whoever get eliminated. 

I’m gonna set the elimination vote deadline as 9 p.m. on Thursday.  I know full well that I won’t be around at that time, so results will be posted late.  Unless you all get me your votes by like 5, in which case I might be able to get to it earlier, but also might not.  Hence the later actual deadline.  Nice job everyone.  Sad to see someone go after this one.