Welcome back, Survivors. These weekends off have been kind of nice, I think. We’ll see how this next challenge goes, and whether we’re able to pull off that same feat. I have had some people express concerns about availability to me during the week, on a couple of different days. I think we should be able to swing it so that things aren’t quite so demanding as last challenge. And we’ve obviously got the Christmas holiday thing coming up too. Let me know how you want me to proceed with that. Right now I’m tempted to take off from Christmas Eve (no matter where we are, in the middle of a challenge, or whatever) and go straight through until that following Sunday night/Monday morning with nothing. Then we can pick up, and I’ll just have no deadlines on the 31st/1st, and then things will resume again on the 2nd? Or should we take off more time? Let me know.

On to our next challenge: Battleship Shapiro! Oh yeah, also the person who got the most character votes will be notified shortly. Anyway, it’s Battleship, only with a couple of fun twists! The team with a ship left standing at the end is safe, the other teams sends someone home.

First off, we’ll be handling this on an 12×12 grid. (Public grids are here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Avc3mJF2XZwMdEk2SlRUQWVxWlVwZVc5TEVvbF92NEE&usp=sharing) (Public grids will only show where shots have been taken, not initial ship placements)(there’s a page there for each team, to show where shots have been taken at them).

Set Up
Your team will have 8 ships (one for each player! (But not really… you don’t have to assign them or anything)). You must e-mail me their placements by Monday at 10 p.m. The ships are (with their lengths):

Destroyer (2) – Tiny little pain in the butt.
Cruiser (3) – Small, but not as painfully so as the Destroyer
Battleship (4) – Weird that they named the game after this one, right?
Carrier (5) – Big ol’ dude, practically useless in this game, since you know he’s gonna get shot up early, but also because he’s the one you don’t really want to be shooting. Are ships masculine? They’re probably ladies, like other vehicles usually are, right?

All of the above get 1 shot per round. There are also 2 new “standard” “ships”:

Battleship Shapiro (4) – Can take as many shots, per turn, as it has undamaged spaces. Shots must be in a straight row. And connected.
Dolphin (1) – Did you know they trained dolphins to be navy assassins, or something? It’s true! I heard about it somewhere, and I can’t be bothered to look it up now. So it might not be true. But it is for the purposes of this game. Thing is, dolphins are the weenuses of the sea. So they’ll tell you what you want to know for some good herring, or something, but they won’t actually get their hands dirty. So Dolphins are just info gathers. When you take a “shot” with a dolphin, you are really just gathering information. If the dolphin “hits” on a ship, I’ll tell you the length of that ship, but it won’t do any damage. A miss is just a miss. Also, dolphins are pansies, so a direct hit will kill them, but also, if there are 3 hits in the 8 box area around the dolphin, it’ll die. Because ecosystems.

There are also two “non-standard” ships.
Submarine – These come in all sorts of sizes, not just the length of 3 prescribed by Hasboro. So you get to pick the length, anywhere from 2 to 4. If you pick 2, you get 1 shot per turn. If you pick 3, you get 2 shots, 4, you get 3 shots. Shots must connect, like the Shapiro.
Tetriship – The ship has a length of 4. It has a shape of “?”. The 4 boxes that make up this ship must touch directly (non-diagonally). So basically, any of the standard tetris shapes. Let me know what shape, and where it’s going. It just gets 1 shot.


On Tuesday morning we’ll start our combat. We’ll handle these in rounds. Each ship gets a shot (or multiple, if it has multiple) each round. Once a ship is shot down, it doesn’t get a shot. However, that starts as-of the next round. So in round 1, no matter how many ships are eliminated, or in what order, each team will get the standard 9 shots, + 1 dolphin recon, +between 1 and 3 for the sub. If your destroyer is lost in round 1 and your Shapiro suffers 2 damage, then the next round you’ll be down to 6 shots, +1 dolphin recon, +1-3 for the sub.

The order your team takes shots in will probably matter to you, but the order you get hit in will matter less, at least for that round.

Whoever has a ship standing last wins. If you both go down in the same round, whoever takes the fewest shots that round to accomplish their goal, wins. Each ship must take its maximum number of shots each turn.

Make sense?