Welcome to the Top Half, Survivors! Yaaaaay! Everyone pat themselves on the back. Then pat your neighbors on the back. But be careful, because allowing your neighbors to pat you on the back makes it really easy for them to stick a knife in you at that location.

In addition to the top half, we’ve also reached the point of the game where I don’t have the challenges all written out ahead of time. Some of them still are, but some aren’t. So I’m just going to borrow this one from Kelly, straight up:

There is a grid. It looks sort of like a blank version of this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An6FFVv73n78dERDSjhTUUNSVnBabVRvNEZuMzRfYWc#gid=0 (I haven’t had a chance to make it yet… go easy on me.).

You’ll be starting on your own side, and each submission period you’re to make a move – exactly one space, and diagonals are allowed. You’re trying to get all the way to the enemy’s back row while carrying an exploding cake to Emperor Wu, who does not like exploding cake.

If you run into someone else, you both explode (whether they’re on your team or not). If you try to replace each other by crossing one another, you die (as in, one goes A1 to B1 while the other goes B1 to A1). However, if person A takes over person B’s spot while person B goes somewhere besides person A’s original spot, it’s fine. If two players die switching places neither of them is considered to have made it to their intended spot.

Also, each team will be placing mines. You can place no more than one in each row. Mines will not disappear when exploded, but will kill anyone who moves on one (including people from the mine-placing team). I’m gonna cut back on the number of mines that were given in the original game, so that player movements maybe matter a little more. So each team gets 8 mines.

On each team, four players must only move forward (including diagonals). Only three players will have the ability to move sideways or backward. This is to allow defenders to hang back (if they want), but not so many that the game never ends. In the event that all the forward-only players die, everyone remaining on the board will convert to forward-only.

Each team will just have one person submit everything to me, each round. For starting off, what I need is:

*Placement of each player to begin
*Placement of each mine
*The identities of the three players who are allowed to move sideways and backwards
*For Tools, the name of the player sitting out.

Please submit starting positions to me by 10 p.m. Central and we’ll start. I’ll put up an ongoing challenge post and board. You will, of course, be able to see where everyone is on the board. I won’t be making any other notations (you won’t see the bombs), though.

One last thing – if everyone blows up, both teams will eliminate a member.