Alright Survivors, initial placements are set, we can begin the challenge.

Each round, every player must move exactly one place. Each team has 4 players that must move forward (including diagonals), and 3 players who can move wherever they please.

Only one person per team will send in all 7 moves (or fewer, after players have been blown up). Anyone can do it, even players what been blown to smithereens.

Here’s the board:

Round 1 is complete. – Cuthbert Headlam is cut down.
Round 2 is complete. – Humberto Sandwich is toast.
Round 3 is complete. – Jesus and Gaspar don’t believe in each other (and thus die, moving to the same spot); Mathasuarus! is extinct; Mitch is no longer possible.
Round 4 is complete. – No one dies.
Round 5 is complete. – Inspector Gidget uncovers Dave’s horrible secret – that it’s actually Wednesday – and things end in bloody fashion.
Round 6 is completed. – No one dies.
Round 7 is completed. – No one dies.
Round 8 is completed. – No one dies.
Round 9 is completed. – Sir Assheton and Gloria Taxachusetts try for a Freaky Friday, but instead they both just get killed trying to switch places.
Round 10 is completed. – They Mysterious Norway is trampled.
Round 11 is complete. – No one dies.

Synergy, please send me your moves.