Real quickly here, Survivors, I’m at a family Christmas thing…

Vote 1: Ass

Vote 2: Vote Humberto- I believe it is my time. Tools, do not take Synergy lightly. And beware the sandwich. Good luck.

Vote 3: Sir Assheton

Vote 4: Sir Assheton

Vote 5: Assheton. “Tails”

Vote 6: My vote is for Assheton. You’ve been on the short list for lack of participation too many times…it finally caught up with you.

Vote 7: Assheton. I’m not sure this is the best vote, but I’m not sure there is a best vote.

Vote 8: My vote is for Sir Ass Hat. Nothing personal, he’s a decent chap.

I wonder if the voter would have said the same thing if he’d have known that the 16th Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XIV is Erik “Sir Assheton” Dikken. I recently told Erik I was rooting for him, so, of course, he went and got himself eliminated. At least it wasn’t a n00b.