Cheers, everyone. While you’re in the middle of “merging” or whatever the hell people do in these games, I thought I’d update you all on the state of the next big game, “Gods and Mortals.” I’ve tweaked it nonstop while coming up with games of late, and I think I’ve found the sweet spot that I like.

As I think everyone knows, half the people in the game will be Gods and half will be Mortals, depending on how they’ve done here over the years (what I’d prefer is to have a lot of new or near-new people. I could do without a winning “Mortal” who’s played Survivor six times, or something). Each God will be paired with a Mortal, and only the Gods know the identity of their partner, although they don’t know any other pairs.

During each challenge, the two sides will play the same game on different boards. Each player will get a number of points depending on finish. The pair with the lowest overall total will be eliminated after the challenge is over. I was going to have voting, but I want to protect people who do all their scheming within the challenges. I really don’t think voting will be necessary anyway, as there’s so much opportunity for subterfuge without it.

Points will roll over to the next challenge, although the points will not be made public. I’ll only ever announce who’s with whom as pairs are eliminated.

I have a couple of tiebreaker scenarios I’m considering, but I’m not sure what’s best. Nonsubs will probably be the #1 tiebreaker, but after that it I’m not sure.

I have many new games for this. Even if we run 12-15 challenges I think only 2-3 at most will be returning favorites. What’s really up in the air right now is how the Gods get their partners. Draft, or random? Obviously, it’ll be a big deal. I could also have the “Gods” all be regulars who bring in their own Mortals, but this may show who the pairs are and change strategy, so I’d prefer it to be random.

I could probably start taking down names for this now and if you say you’re in I’ll put you on the list, but I’m in no particular rush as there’s probably two and a half months until we get going. If you know new people who might play, though, then by all means, let them know. This is the best chance they’ll ever have not to be eaten up by the usual gang of idiots.

Cheers, everyone. Now it’s time to update the Survivor Archives page, which hasn’t been done all season. Dios Mio!