Welcome back, Survivors! Thankfully we’ll now be replacing the tedium and dread of “days off” with the exciting and hopeful “long trudge to the end.” Hmm. Just to keep things at least somewhat interesting, I will be placing “some number greater than 0” idols that will be available now, to go with the “some number of pre-merge idols that are still in play.” So you’ll have that to look out for.

I’ve been excited to get back to it, especially now that you’re merged, and one big happy family, with absolutely no issues that need to be worked out. Everything is in perfect balance, like a bunch of people with guns trained on each other. Oh, hey! Look at our challenge!

The way we play it is pretty simple (and simpler than the earlier version of this game, run in All-Stars, so if you’re familiar with that, don’t worry about a lot of the complicated stuff Will threw at it.) Every round you will do 2 things.

You will pick 1 person to shoot at by e-mailing me the name of that players.
You will also pick 2 people to defend against by e-mailing me the names of those players.

If you successfully defend against anyone who attacks you, you live, and you get to select one person who attacked you to punt from the challenge (yes, even someone you didn’t defend against).
If you get shot at and don’t defend against anyone who attacks you, you die and are eliminated from the challenge.
If nobody attacks you, you live (unless the person you attacked was blocked, and chooses to eliminate you).

We will play until no more than 4 people are left standing. Anyone left standing at the end will get immunity. So, up to 4 immunities, but possibly as few as 0.

The first round is due to me by 9 p.m. Friday.

Welcome back, Survivors. Let’s do this.