That’s right! A Survivor Auction! For those who know the show, you know that this is staple. No worries, Survivors, no eliminations here. Only things that will help you. You will each start with 500 Phipher-Phiph coins (they make a comeback!).

I will post an item up for bid (some will be revealed pre-bid, some will be “covered” surprises, revealed when bidding is done) and announce when the bidding period is over. If you want to bid on the item, just e-mail me the amount. You are allowed to continue to bid until the bidding period is over, you can increase your bids, etc. No limits on number of bids, or anything like that. If we get towards the end of a bidding period and 2 people e-mail me the same bid (say, 2 people bid exactly 500 PP coins on an item and no subsequent bids come in), the person who did so first will get it.

You are allowed to combine your money. In order to do so, the person who is giving coins to the other person must e-mail me that they are doing so, and how many coins they are giving.
Item 9 was sold to Mathasaurus! for 670 coins! It is now revealed to be: A (small) advantage in challenge 14.
In an effort to avoid these really intensive last-second scrambles, I’m changing things up a bit. From now on, I’ll give you a “maximum time.” The auction item will close at some point before that time. It could be a lot before that time, it could be a little before that time. I probably should have done this from the start.

The Auction Is Over!

I’ll post a new challenge tonight.