I hope you’ve been paying attention, Survivors. Because the knowledge you have about things that have happened in this game is about to come back to help you. Or haunt you, if you don’t have it. This game is another Survivor staple, being adjusted for the CdL. There are similar games we’ve played here, but this time your knowledge will be power. Here’s how it works:

First, you will each take a quiz. You will e-mail me to get your quiz. We’ll do the “E-mail/ready/confirm/quiz” thing again, because the quiz will be timed. You will have 5 minutes to answer 10 questions. You must take this quiz by yourself. You cannot talk about this quiz (on the chat site, in e-mails, real life, anywhere) with any other player. If I even suspect you did so, I will not hesitate to eliminate you from a possible immunity in both this and the next challenge, and, if the infraction seems severe enough, more. Seriously.

The quizzes are due by 9 p.m. Friday night.

Second, each player has 3 ropes holding them above a giant pit. It’s a ball pit, so no one gets hurt, and eliminated players get to have fun. No, little plastic balls, like when you were kids, not the other kind, you sickos. Anyway, when all 3 ropes are cut, the player falls in and is eliminated from the challenge.

The way this will work is this: For each round, I will reveal the correct answer. If you got the answer correct, you get to cut 1 rope (yes, you can even cut your own, if you want). After all 3 of your ropes are cut, you are eliminated from the challenge, and won’t get to cut any more ropes. All cuts will “take place” at the same time, but I’ll post them as they come in, so that we don’t accidentally get a 4th cut on a player, or something like that.

Any questions?

Yes, you there, with the monocle? Yes, Gaspar, you’re the only one with a monocle. You want to know what kind of advantage you earned in this challenge? After the quiz, but before the first round, you get to make 3 cuts, no restrictions.

We will play until 3 people are left, and they will be immune. Remember, the quizzes are due by 9 p.m. Friday night. We’ll play round 1 over the weekend, since it’s pretty easy stuff.