There were a lot of votes this time, Survivors. At least, it seems that way to me. Even though there’s one fewer than last time. Well, we should get to counting ’em, right? First, let’s take care of the idol business. If anyone has one, and wants to play one, feel free, yada yada…

Gloria stands up, a 2000 Florida ballot with a hanging chad clenched in her fist, and approaches. “What? That’s not possible!” screams some random former-Tool.
“Believe it, friend. It is possible” The voice is not Gloria’s. It belongs to Mitch. “Because that’s my idol, and I’m playing it. For me!”

Ok. So votes against Mitch won’t count.

Vote 1: Gaspar Fopsworth Van Helsing

Vote 2: Jesus: Being a deity is an unfair advantage.

Vote 3: Dave

Vote 4: Jesus H. Buddha

Vote 5: Dave, Circa the Jurassic Period.

Vote 6: Dave

Vote 7: Gloria

Vote 8: Gloria

Vote 9: Gloria Taxachusetts

Vote 10: Gloria Taxachusetts, mostly because Matt could never decide how to spell your last name.

Vote 11: Gloria. Here we go.

Vote 12: Gloria, a day late and a dollar short.

Vote 13: Gloria. For her own safety…otherwise I would have kicked her in her pretentious face!

Just like in the 2000 election, Gloria comes out on the wrong side of a vote. Hopefully this time it leads her into something productive, like a Philosophy degree. And so we say goodbye to our most liberal of players, Michael “Toady” Rivet. And this is completely true: this was the first week that Gloria was eligible for elimination where she didn’t swear up and down that she was the one going home. Let this be a lesson about the power of suggestion, folks.

Congrats to the 12 of you who remain. You’re in the top 12. That’s not a thing, but we’ll pretend it is. Next challenge coming shortly.