That last round was a bit of a mess, sorry Survivors. I forgot to send the alert e-mail. We heard from everyone, but 3 people tried to cut the same person, which means Pie gets eliminated, and there’s one more cut, just sort of floating around out there. Pie cut Jesus too, which means that one cut could eliminate Jesus from immunity, but I kind of doubt that’s what the third-Pie-cutter would have done, so in the interests of just moving things along here, we’re going to say that cut was placed on not-Jesus, and declare Cuthbert Headlam, Jesus H. Buddha, and Pugnacious Emile as this challenge’s immunity winners.

You can vote for anyone else. Since this held on for another day, I’ll give you a little more time on this elimination. We’ll say votes are due by 5 p.m. on Thursday.