Alright Survivors, I think we can make this one quick and easyish. Before I get into the directions for Gold Rush, I want to mention that, for the next challenge, I want to run something that will require multiple submissions, in a rotating order. Which means that we could end up waiting a long time if a player happens to not be around when their turn comes up. I’d like to try to avoid that, if possible, so I’m just gonna give you guys a heads up. Each individual submission should be quick and easy enough, so… for challenge 17, plan on checking in with some regularity, please.

And now, back to Challenge 16. Gold Rush was actually one that I really enjoyed back in Survivor XI. It’s not the toughest challenge or anything, but I really enjoyed it. So I’m bringing it back here. Here’s how it works:

In Gold Rush, there are twenty dig sites. In each of your two turns, you will attempt to find gold. Gold is randomly assigned to the 20 sites in the following amounts:

1 brick of $4000
2 bricks of $3000
3 bricks of $2000
7 bricks of $1000
The other 7 sites will be empty.*

If you are the only one to dig at a site, you get all the money there. If more than one person digs at a site, the money is shared equally among all parties.

However, there are traps. Everyone has one, and can use it either on this turn or the second one (along with their dig, not in place of it). If you use a trap on a site where a successful dig happens, you will be given a choice (that you have to make when you send in your wish to use a trap): either kill everyone who’s there and collect no money, or let them live and collect the money instead.

There are also bonus boxes (hence the asterisk up above). Bonus boxes contain unset traps, that you can then use in round 2 (if you find a bonus box digging during round 2, you won’t get a chance to use that trap). If a bonus box is found rather than gold, the first person to search (i.e., the first emailer) will receive it. Everyone else gets nothin’. If a trap is set where a bonus box is found, the trapsetter gets the bonus box. If more than one person sets a trap there, the first trapsetter gets it.

If you don’t use a trap on day one, but you find a bonus box, you can still only set one trap on day two. So the bonus box does you no good that day.

At the end of the two days, the three people with the most money will be immune. Obviously, the dead will immediately be pulled from the Immunity hunt, so technically, this could end in one turn (with nobody Immune, even, if everyone died). If you die, it doesn’t matter what you gained. You are penniless and can’t win Immunity. So, what do you do: kill a bunch of people off and hope to collect enough money (or live long enough) to get Immunity on the second day?

I will post most of who went where. I will reveal who dug at a spot, and announce what was found there. If they run into a trap I’ll say that, but I’ll keep the trapsetter’s identity anonymous. Also, once a trap is “sprung” it is not effective the next round. So if a person dies in space 11 on day 1 because of a trap set there, someone could dig at space 11 on day 2, and would be safe. Unless someone else put a new trap there.

An entry should look this modest: “I dig at #12 and set a trap at #20.”

Your first deadline is Monday at 10 p.m. and your second deadline will be Tuesday at 10 p.m..