Here’s your outcomes:

I’ll just list players and their actions today, plus final totals.

Cutty: Dug at 11, killed in a trap.
Emile: Dug at 4, killed in a trap.
Gaspar: Dug at 16, finished with $1000.
Gidget: Dug at 5, found a bonus box, finished with 0.
Glitter: Dug at 14, finished with 0.
Humberto: Dug at 7, found $1000 but stolen by Mitch. Finished with 0.
Jesus: Dug at 15, split $1000 with Mitch. Finished with $2500.
Math: Dug at 2, finished with $3000.
Mitch: Dug at 15, split $1000 with Jesus. Stole $1000 from Huberto, finished with $1500.
Pie: Dug at 8, finished with $4000.

Your 3 immunities are: Pie, Math, and Jesus. Vote for anyone else by 10 p.m. Wednesday.