I’ll post the current player, and the order of the current round. Below the jump I’ll list the current size of everyone’s houses.

As a reminder, the first time a card is in a house that falls, it is added back to the pile to be drawn from. If there are 2 of a card available you won’t get a shake. You can pass at any time instead of drawing. 2 passes means you’re done though, and will keep the size of your house that you have at that time. We’re also imposing a 3-hour limit on moves now, so let me know if you’re not available for a chunk of time, to receive some dispensation from that rule.

Currently Drawing:

Current Round Order:
Mathasaurus! (fell 3 times)
Pie (fell 3 times)
Gidget (has now passed twice)
Norway (has now passed twice)
Cuthbert (passed twice)
Gaspar (has now passed twice)
Glitter (fell 3 times)
Emile (passed twice)
Humberto (passed twice)

Current House Size:
Cuthbert Headlam – 8
Pie – 0
Gaspar Fopsworth von Belsig – 10
Glitter – 0
Humberto, the Amazing Sandwich – 11
Inspector Gidget – 1
Jesus H. Buddha – 5
Mathasaurus! – 0
Pugnacious Emile – 1
The Mysterious Norway – 10