Twenty-two, Survivors. Not too shabby. Which among you didn’t have the stamina to last in the single-digits? Let’s find out. If anyone has an idol, that’ll help guarantee that they make it further, so if you want to play it, now is the time. None? Noted.

Vote 1: Jesus

Vote 2: Cuthbert

Vote 3: Jesus

Vote 4: Cutty

Vote 5: Jesus H. Buddha

Vote 6: Cutty

Vote 7: Jesus

Vote 8: Jesus

Vote 9: Jesus H. Buddha. Go in peace my friend.

I wonder if Jesus will be feeling peaceful about this? Actually, what I’m really wondering is if, come jury time, he’ll be forgiving? Either way, we’re down to 8, as Jesus H. “Vishnu” Buddha is our 22nd elimination.

Challenge goes up soon, final 8.