Hey, do you know the top four finishers in each season from Spookymilk Survivor? I do!!! Take the quiz. Pete got 44 correct out of 56 – can you beat that? No, you probably can’t, but it’s fun anyway.

Gods and Mortals will be a game with strategic challenges – some with several turns, but many with just one or two. Nearly all of the games will be new, and I’ve intentionally built it for speed, to the point where I’m looking for thirty players but it’s going to go fairly quickly (particularly since two people are eliminated at a time).

Once I have my thirty, I’ll determine who the Gods (veterans and former winner) and the Mortals (new folks, non-veterans and…people with a less awesome history) are. Each person will randomly be paired with someone on the other side, and this will be his or her teammate the entire game long. Games will be played against your own side, although near the end I may put the players on the same board once or twice, just to make things awkward.

Players will get points for their finish, and the team with the lowest total score will be eliminated. While it’ll be obvious how each individual is doing, you can’t be sure how well their team is doing, because only teammates will know they’re together. I will, though, probably allow about three games before I eliminate anyone, just so everyone gets their bearings and plays a little.

If you’re playing, email me. I’d like the player list to be as surprising as possible.

This will start after Survivor XIV, which is probably 4-6 weeks from the end. Still, I want to get the list together quickly so I know how many challenges I need.