Good morning, Survivors and everyone else. As often, some of the folks who come here mainly for the writing are getting all up in my area, which is somewhat reasonable, because Novak’s stupid season of Survivor is taking literally* a million years.

* – well, no.

Play with the Prose

Christina Pepper is one such person who’s all up in my area, if ya know what I mean. She pitched to me an idea about a season where all the prompts are snippets of music to inspire players. This would be a very difficult thing for some, but what do you think?

hungry joe pitched the idea that we do another Fiction 59 season. I recall a lot of people bitching in my inbox about it toward the end, but I’d at least entertain the idea if people wanted it.

Spookymilk Survivor XV

The thing is, I’m considering running this as Turbo Survivor II, if folks would want to do something like that again. It’s brutally difficult for some, again, but I loved doing it and I know others got into the pressure of it all as well. Otherwise, I can play it straight and make Survivor XV a full-serve writing game, although it sure doesn’t seem like XIII ended all that long ago to me.

In any case, I’d also like a twist of some kind, involving teams or challenges or whatnot, that sets the season apart so it feels like we’re doing something different. We don’t have to, but my creative side must be sated. If you have any pitches for twists or even just little things to differentiate, I’m all ears.

As you were, Survivors.