Ok, Survivors, who’s nervous? Here we go:

Vote 1: Inspector Gidget

Vote 2: Math. Its about time he becomes extinct.

Vote 3: Gaspar!!

7 people left, 3 different people with votes? This should get exciting! In the event of a tie breaker, most previous votes is the first tie-breaker, and a head-to-head match-up if the top vote-getters are still tied.

Vote 4: Mathasaurus!

Vote 5: Gaspar. Please understand I hold you in the highest respect.

Vote 6: Mathasaurus! Extinction was inevitable.

Vote 7: I vote for Hantzasaurus!

Guess we don’t need the tie-breaker. Our 24th elimination, and the 5th member of our jury, is Mathasaurus “Bucket List” !. New challenge will be posted Sunday night.