Welcome back, top 6 Survivors. Two of you will have a chance in this challenge to win immunity and secure your spot in the top 5. The rules are fairly simple. There is a field: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Avc3mJF2XZwMdGlsV3pIUzMyZVNHcXhycXNpZ0xkWGc&usp=sharing

Each of you starts on a place in that field (random assignment led to the spots, and the order you’ll be going in). You can move in any direction that a chess piece can move. I trust you know what those look like, right? But to complicated matters, you cannot use the same piece again until you have used all of the other pieces. For our purposes, pawns can move 1 or two spaces, and since there’s no “forward” on the board, we’ll let them go any direction. But pawns can still attack only diagonally. Queens, bishops, and rooks can move as far along their particular paths as they want.

Your goal is to eliminate the other players. You do this by landing on the space that they are currently occupying.

Once you leave a space, that location becomes permanently blacked out. Players are also eliminated if they cannot move, or move into a space that is blacked out.

We’re gonna be going in order, ala Card Houses, so please stick on top of this so we don’t go too long. Also, if you want to designate someone else to make your move for you, feel free to do so, just let me know. That’ll help speed it up. We will be putting in a time-limit on moves after the first round is complete, and the consequence of missing your move will be that your highest-powered piece will be removed from your arsenal of moves. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. The challenge ends when two players remain.

Any questions? Round 1 starts now.