Hey there, gang! While we wait for Novak’s crushingly long Chess Blocker variant to play out, I thought I’d let you know that 20 of the 30 spots in Gods and Mortals are taken, so if you haven’t signed up yet and you want to, it’s time. I’ll run it with fewer than thirty or maybe even a few more, but that’s what I’m shooting for. Given that two eliminations happen at a time, it’s still going to be faster than the average Survivor game.

I have decided to make this game anonymous. I hadn’t planned to, but I leaned this way because there are a lot of ways to gang up on people in certain challenges, and I wanted everyone to be able to work their strategies without baggage. There will not be any “Hide Yourself” challenges and no penalties for becoming known, so those are calculated risks you’d have to take.

I won’t even be giving you the true identities of your partners, so you guys can decide whether to ask one another or enjoy the surprise.

What’s my name going to be?

I’m working on a list of very stupid names right here.

But Kelly, my partner is a load!

I know, but he’s dreamy and has badass facial hair, so you’d better leave him alone. Wait, this isn’t a personal problem with Bret? Okay then. In that case, here’s the deal: if your partner nonsubs out of two challenges and you aren’t eliminated as a result, you’ll be allowed to get a new partner. Nonsubs won’t completely kill your ability to score in every challenge, but it certainly won’t help. As for new partners, you would have to rustle one up before the next challenge is due, and they would have to fit on the “Gods” or “Mortals” side where they’d be placed. As you know, former winners and other stars will be placed on the Gods side, and everyone else will be the Mortals (ironically, a winning mortal would qualify to be a God next time. I guess that’s not strictly irony, but on the other hand, eat me and stop being so damned pedantic, AMR).

I plan to let the Gods pick their names first, because hey, why not?

I know a few of you have “possible players” out there – it’s time to let them know, because if I don’t cap this at thirty, it won’t be far over that.

I still don’t think it’s necessary to give you much more game info, unless you have specific questions.