This should be easy enough for me to run even alongside Gods and Mortals, partially because G&M is built for speed and simplicity, partially because it’s a Fiction 59 season, and partially because the current Survivor challenge will never, ever end.

Two challenges per week. I’ll try to schedule as regularly as possible, but with me in retail, yadda yadda yadda. Medal system. Six in the playoffs.

I have a bead on someone for co-judging, but if that person isn’t into it I’ll ask for someone. Update: That person prefers to play. If you’re into judging, let me know and I’ll get someone involved. Second Update: Melissa and Will are going to judge with me. So, polish up your history lessons for Will and your manipulative tearjerkers for Melissa. THE ABUSE WILL LAST ALL SEASON LONG

Annette Barron
Pete Bruzek
Dean Carlson
Kate Crisp
Brian David
Jack Haas
Bret Highum
Ben Johnson
Brooks Maki
Margaret Martin
Matt Novak
Christina Pepper
Jonathon Pope
Ian Pratt
Zack Sauvageau
Erik S
Colin Woolston
Sarah Wreisner