Alright, Survivors, this one is gonna take some attention. Your goal is to have the most money at the end of the game. The directions for the game are here:

In short form: Each day consists of 3 rounds. In each round you will select 2 actions. The basic actions are “Acquire Food” “Build Fences” “Update Habitat” and “Acquire Animal.” You can select the same action twice within a round if you want to. You will be awarded various quantities of each of these items in each round. The distribution of those quantities can be found here: There are also special actions, described in the directions.

Then, at the end of each day, you will need to feed your animals and collect your earnings. The amount of food required and the amount of money you earn for the various items is described in the second tab of the previous link there.

I will handle construction of all your items. Here are some sample final boards from a test version of the game:

Anyway, read the full directions, and let me know what your questions are. I’ll work with y’all on this.

The first day’s deadline – which will include 2 actions for each of 3 rounds (so 6 total actions) – will be 9 p.m. Tuesday.