Okay, there are 22 of you playing. I’m glad, because that allowed me to kick out a couple of challenges I wasn’t in love with.

Two-thirds of you have already sent in your lists of ten desired names, but seven of you still haven’t. Get those to me ASAP, so I can give you your name. Then you can set up your game email, based on that name, and I can get THAT list ready, which will allow you to talk to other players and to find out who your partner is (I already know! How exciting is that, Gods and Mortals?).

I will not be announcing the identities of anyone until they’re eliminated. If you want to share identities with one another, that’s your deal. I won’t tell anyone who you’re paired with, either, and neither should you. I can’t stop you, though.

I have decided against Diplochat for this season (new players, it’s a long story). I wanted to use it, but I got some pushback on that, so we won’t. As such, please bcc me in on a lot of emails to one another so I know what’s going on and can make notes for the page you’ll all be able to see when the game ends.

I want to remind you one more time: if your partner nonsubs in two challenges, I will try to find you a new one to replace the old. Nonsubs are a way of life for some players, but I’m hoping we don’t see many here, since you all have partners you’d be letting down.

We’ll begin soon, players. I’m excited now.