As has become tradition in the anonymous games, we’re going to take a moment to reflect on the previous competitors of the season, before posting the final vote (which will come around 9, and we’ll do a live finale. I’ll post a link to the live doc on the site).

Before we get to the players, let me just say that it has been an absolute honor to serve as your mod. It was a learning experience for me, and there were bumps along the way. Thank you all for your grace and patience, for your open communication with me, and for helping me along the way. You all invested a ton in this game, and I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding group of players. It is, quite simply, a privilege to have moderated this game.

Thank you, too, to Adobery and Andy Rustleund, for all of the help they contributed to this game. Andy did an amazing job on the chat site – far more than I could have ever asked – and Adobery contributed so much behind the scenes assistance, as well as the pogs and other game development. Those two were awesome.

Finally, I’d also like to thank, very specifically, Spooky for giving me this opportunity. He has put so much work into the site, the games, the community – and he’s always constantly still working on these things. For him to have created this, much less given me a chance to watch over his baby… wow. Thanks Kelly.

Alright, now, let’s get to the players. Mathasaurus! has graciously provided a bit of insider commentary. It should be fun, gang!

Peaches’n’Steve – Will Young, who I assume is playing Gods and Mortals as a God, is very good at these types of games. But on a monster team he found himself appearing to be aligned with Thad, who all the other Loyal Subjects were wary of. The vote was tight, but between Will and another (in fact, the) God-level player, Will went down. I wish we would have gotten to see more from him this game, as he’s always an enjoyable player.

MATH: You wouldn’t think I’d have a lot to say about one of the few players I never saw, but I do, gang! Though I never knew the inner workings of the vote and didn’t get to hear about it until much later, the close shave was quite exciting to see and I was secretly extremely relieved to have Will out of the game, as I consider him to be something of a personal boogeyman. As effective as the biggest threats are at talking others into letting them stay around, Will is just as effective at being a threat eradicator. The man’s terrifying, gang.

Reginald James Neville Neville – Our first new player to be voted out of the game, Eric Peterson just happened to catch a bit of bad luck with timing, as his kids got sick and that affected his availability for mastermind. Of course, he also didn’t endear himself to his team by sending in the one number they all agreed to avoid in the Number Dilemma challenge. It was a bold move by a new player trying to kick his team into gear. And he planned to play nicer after that, but he never got the chance.

MATH: Ah, yes, I remember voting him out like it was yesteryear. Actually, I’m not sure I do, because I was pretty damn sure Roundhouse was the one that picked the unavailable number. Whoever it was, I vowed to remember the moment for all time and hold it against the perpetrator. It seems I failed. Walnut-sized brain, gang!

Francois Le Petit Geant – I love this name. Love it. The guy who picked it, Colin Woolston, knows his way around Survivor too. But apparently he decided he was too “good” for or “busy” for the game (I can’t be bothered to accurately recall which). He did the noble thing of voting for himself, along with the rest of his team. I suspect we’ll see him around these parts again someday. Oh look! There he is!

MATH!: I loved the name too. I also like Colin as an ally, because he’s loyal to a fault and easy to predict. Plus, there’s that whole “lovably surly” thing he has going on, except for when he passes over into “dickishly surly” territory. Beau can tell you all about it! I was sad to see him go, but a few challenges later I guessed his name in hangman with only a few letters, which made it all worth it. It’s Math! Actually, it’s English.

Roundhouse Farter – I kind of love this name too. Joseph “meat” Shores signed up to play Survivor for the first time. He jumped right into the character, made some awful comments, made some even more awful artwork (awful in a good way), and made me fall in love. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last. He had a great attitude about the whole thing though, and reminded me more than once that this was just a game. Good dude, that meat.

MATH: I hated this name with a passion, to the point where I wanted to vote him out because of it, in the absence of an actual good reason to vote someone out. Then he became a close ally, and I stopped wanting to. Then in a moment of anger he told everyone to vote for him, and he tried to pull it back but the damage was done. I was bummed to see that this was Joseph. He’s lovably surly, too.

Tiffany Ann Foxy Hot Sex– Tiffany Ann was one of my favorite characters ever on the site. I don’t know where Zack Savageautesuesrseraese came up with the idea to play a dude whose friends had pranked him by changing his name on all his e-mail/interwebs stuff, but that was brilliant. He played it perfectly too. I think he would have been an asset to his team going forward, despite his protestations that he was a liability. Unfortunately for Team Big Ass Monster Truck (named by Zack, in character, of course), ol’ Chet was destined to ride that four wheeler into the sunset.

MATH: Though I never played with Chet, I guessed who he was. When it was announced that a previous winner had already been eliminated, I looked back at the name “Tiffany Ann Foxyhotsex” and thought, “Only Zack.” Zack is the best player who believes himself to be a poor player. Yes, he’s won the game, but if he could shake some of his defeatist attitude I think he’d win again. My little secret: I would really love to ally with Zack. I love the guy.

Thad The Bunter – Ah, now things get interesting. Here’s a little secret… technically, 2 people played this character. Like when someone subs into a role in Werewolf? Yeah, I did that here, because the original person needed to drop out, and I had a sub ready, and we were going to be doing the drop your buffs thing and I didn’t want teams to be uneven when that happened if they wouldn’t otherwise have been so. So the role started as… yeah, Geoff Beckstrom. He scared all of the regulars on his team, and still almost managed to get Brooks eliminated first. Then he got really busy, had to drop out, and Gina Andersland stepped in, only to be eliminated something like 20 hours later.

MATH!: Poor Gina, having to pay for the crime of taking over the role of an evil mastermind. I never had any contact with Thad but it was widely believed among his former squad that he was Geoff, the original Satan. With Geoff out of the way, surely the road was paved for a guy who people occasonially believe to be Geoff! Well, I got seventh. Close, I guess.

Skunk Bait Jones – Jake Jantzer is a friend who would be really good at this Survivor thing if he had the time for it. Turns out, he didn’t feel he could give it the attention it needed. He never non-subbed, but his withdrawing from the game was the closest thing we had to a non-sub. I hope someday he finds the time to make it back here.

MATH!: Skunk Bait is one of the last eliminated guys I didn’t ever have contact with, I think. Or maybe he wasn’t. I guess I’ll find out. When I was young I would have seen a name like “Jake Jantzer” and thought “That’s an awesome name. I want it.” I don’t have much to say about him besides that it was hilarious that he left when he did. Synergy worked their asses off to win that challenge, and he left afterward and nullified their lead.

Ambidextrous Jon – Eric Schapp. The first real elimination after the buff drop, I have to feel a bit bad about whether that did him in. I know he was a bit quieter on his team, but lots of people played quiet and got away with it. This is always something strange to see from outside the game – what players perceive as quiet, and what they perceive as disengaged. Anyway, Yickit was the first Tool to be ejected from the toolbox.

MATH!: Allegedly, yickit played this season. Allegedly, I helped eliminate him. I’ll have to take your word for it, I guess.

Lt. Borf – My brother-in-law, Josh Andersland, is another new player who I expected big things from. He’s absolutely more of the games specialist than he is the social survivor player. He was one of the more active people on BAMT, but when the teams got shuffled he kind of got thrown to the wolves. I mean, next to Gidget, the guy seemed to never talk at all. Plus, he ran into a bunch of real-life stuff the week he got voted out, so he seemed even quieter. Basically, he was the guy whose game was ended by the Buff Dropping thing.

MATH!: I remember you telling me that Borf got effed by the Buff Dropping, which is why I hate Buff Dropping. I can’t complain personally, but it’s too bad that it particularly affected a new player. The Anderslands didn’t get put into great situations in this game, eh? Your family reunions are gonna be really awkward, Novak.

Winnie The Screw – I’m just gonna copy/paste what I wrote at his elimination, because I think it says it well… “Brian ‘100 Acre [Redacted]’ David, who entertained us all with his graphic tales. One of my favorite tidbits is that he once got drunk and high and choked a woozle with his [redacted]. One of my other favorite tidbits is that, when setting up his account, Brian put Winnie The Screw’s birthday as the publication date of the first Pooh book. Turned out that was actually Mr. David’s real birthday.”

MATH!: Winnie helped me get an Immunity in POGS so I had a soft spot for him. Then he stopped showing up so I helped lead the charge to eliminate him. Then he asked for his own elimination anyway and took the fun out of it. Screwbear indeed! He made us laugh on his way out, though. For a guy who went out early, he definitely left a mark on the game.

Captain Ezekial Jailbait – Always a bit of a rogue, Gary S.’s game saw that play out once again. Knowing full well he was towards the bottom of the pecking order, he was often very quick to name other targets. This is almost certainly what got him killed. Heck, he cast a self-vote, and said some nasty things about himself too, with the idea that if he survived, it would probably garner him some sympathy. Truth be told though, the targets he ended up naming probably had a big effect on the way Synergy shaped up down the road – Donald, Mummy, and Eddie were all the people he aimed for, and those were the 3 who got the most votes before the merge.

MATH!: Ol’ Zeke became one of my closest allies before the extremely premature dropping of the buffs. I think he would have lasted much longer otherwise. Though, when I found out it was Gary, it really blew my mind. I couldn’t believe that such a…whatever the hell Gary is…would have been so effective at the social game for this long. Even the vote that suggested he wasn’t was his own vote. I wish I could have spent more time with this bastard, sick though he may have been.

Drake Constantinople – The crazy duck that we all came to know and love and frequently roll our eyes at was none other than Jonathan Pope. His major contribution to the game was another player. His second major contribution was a funny journal he wrote to himself. That’s two more contributions than anyone who didn’t play. After an impressive debut in XIII, he knew he wasn’t long for the game and so made things easy on his team. I trust he’ll be back again in the next writing season – he’s well aware that that’s his strength. And now you all are too.

MATH!: All things considered, Drake may have been the worst teammate I’ve ever had. Entire challenges went by where he added nothing to the team, but the second they were over he’d write some long comment on the site as if he’d been engaged in some way. This was mildly threatening to me, as I’ve seen players on CBS Survivor ride such things to the end. Luckily, though he was a load in challenges, he kept things light when otherwise they may have gotten too dark too early. He’ll also be thrilled to learn that the raven-haired scientist of his dreams was delicious.

Cellular Mitosis – This elimination just killed me, guys. Jonathan Roberts is my cousin. He’s a college student. He ran smack dab into finals week and got axed for not being active. As the three other members of “The Nucleus” will tell you, he was a significant contributor early in the game. There were lots of new players in this game. Some made it very, very, very far, and had quite simply remarkable debut games. But in the first half of the game, Jon was my pick for most impressive new player. I hope he comes back, when he doesn’t have finals.

MATH!: Okay, this one was tough. I liked Mitosis. He was funny, helpful and didn’t make mistakes. However, he was quiet on what turned to be finals week and I also learned that he was a Norway loyalist. As such, I had to get rid of him. I took no pleasure in it, which is a rare thing for me. I hope he comes back too.

A Really Scary Mummy – Oh yeah. This elimination killed me too. Alan Briggs was a bit quiet, but he’s got a great head for logic and strategy. He frequently found himself on the chopping block because of lesser participation, but always managed to sneak through. And then Donald played his idol. I still don’t know why Donald picked Mummy, over one of the other more threatening players on his team, but he did, and Alan found himself with more time to tend to his infant daughter. Which is probably a good thing.

MATH!: I made up his name, and I almost picked it because it still amuses me, but I wanted desperately to see firsthand what someone else would do with it. Then it was picked by one of the few folks I never had any contact with…sigh. Mummy had an interesting reputation by the time he was eliminated and I regret that I couldn’t see more of him before he was gone. He also had one of the most beautifully absurd exit posts: “This is because I’m black, isn’t it?”

Perforated Eddie – Bret Highum’s worst finish ever? The man who always survives way longer than you expect suddenly got himself elimination way earlier than I ever would have guessed. This elimination came out of nowhere for me, and, honestly, I think Zeke’s earlier suggestions had to have played a role. Or something. Because this makes even less sense than how far he usually gets.

MATH!: Bret was the first of many people to hand me his identity by making a login mistake, as he made a comment on the Survivor XIII jury as Eddie while making it obvious that it was Bret speaking. He immediately erased the comment, but the damage was done. I was fully prepared to use this against him but never met him on the field of battle. I probably just would have killed him immediately, right or wrong, since it’s what I always do in Werewolf.

Sir Assheton Pownall – Sir Assheton played one of the more unique games I’ve seen from an established player. Erik Dikken – aka KG – was very deliberate in his character, trying to seem extremely noble and individualistic. He didn’t want to get down in the alliance-building/busting mud. It ended up costing him a shot at the merge, which is really too bad, because I wanted to see how his character played out post-merge.

MATH!: Man, this dude was so into his character, I couldn’t believe it was a good idea to keep him around. Erik was so married to his character that he actually brought him to the voting booth, playing differently from how he otherwise might. It was…something. If Erik had survived one more week I think he would have gone very, very deep. He also told me immediately following his elimination that he was trying to help me win. I wish he’d said this immediately BEFORE his elimination. Oh well.

Honey Bunches Of Donald – Matthew Gilman, who previously reached the end as the most excellent friend anyone could have in Survivor, made a fantastic idol play to save himself earlier in the game. He did a fantastic job, as one would expect of Gilman, solving puzzles that popped up around the site, including the immunity idol puzzle. Unfortunately for him, he found himself ousted by the same type of fantastic idol play that he had made earlier. Also, this name is stole from John Hodgman. And good man that he is, Gilman knew it right away when he grabbed it, as the second person to sign up for XIV.

MATH!: Sigh. This was another tough one, as Honey Bunch had become a very close ally just before the buff drop. However, when we got back together, his words dripped with insincerity and I could tell I’d lost him…kind of a shame. After his awful performance in a couple of early challenges I was completely stunned to learn it was someone who could best most folks in challenges. I’d like to ask him a lot about this season. I also wonder if he would have turned it on and cut a swath through all of us if we’d allowed him to survive that vote where I saved Humberto, which in no way hurt me at all ever. Nope.

Gloria Taxachussets – Oh Mike Rivet. No one in this game – not even Math! – talked to me more about things than Rivet. He always saw the way things were going to go wrong, and let me know it. He was on the wrong side of just about every elimination – or aware that he was eventually going to be so – and yet he still managed to get in pretty well with the major powers of Synergy. After the Tools took control though, someone had to go, and Gloria was deemed the least-expected prospect, so the least likely to be disrupted by an idol play. Another solid outing for Rivet, after who 80% of the teams in this game were named.

MATH!: Wait, what? 40%, right? [NOE VAKH: Was joak]. I named the final group after him because it made me laugh, and because I knew Rivet was going crazy over Erik naming an original team over him already. Otherwise, I have little to say about Gloria, whom I had little contact with. We strongly considered dropping Gaspar here. Ahem.

Dave, Circa Tuesday – A casualty of another great idol play, Cathy Wells (yes, that Cathy Wells) was in good with the Math! crowd. Probably not surprising, given… Her first comment to me was that she was gonna get Kelly eliminated as soon as she could. That turned out to not be the case. I would have liked to see where things would have gone for her, if Math! had gotten out, or if she’d have turned on him eventually. Alas, we’ll never know. Until the next time they both play again.

MATH!: I actually didn’t know she was playing for a while. Without getting way into things, Cathy cheated the game by stealing information from my computer (she had to go through several steps to do this, so it’s not like it was accidental) and I hashed it out with her in one of our worst arguments ever (we’ve had a pretty good marriage). She was trying to help me win by the end, but the idol flip was pretty weird and not only did it hurt from an alliance perspective – it also annoyed me as a viewer because I wondered if Cathy had the cojones to eliminate me anyway.

Mitch The Possible – The first member of our jury, Pete “nibbish” Bruzek, was the second former-winner eliminated, as well as the second member of “The Nucleus”. Put into an interesting position right off the bat – it was pretty much he who got to decide whether Will or Brooks went home – until the merge he was seemingly always in a fairly comfortable spot. And then he wasn’t, but still managed to make it 4 weeks longer than maybe made sense. He’s good like that.

MATH!: Having a wad like Pete around was handy. I painted him as a boogeyman because he’s won before, even though he was playing a perfectly understated, non-threatening game in the hopes of not being attacked by a bastard like me. The one reason I hated to eliminate him is that he and I were having some hilarious Diplochat conversations because we both knew that the other wasn’t in the plan.

Glitter – AMR played one of the most memorable characters in this game, with his spin on a “reformed” always-positive, fairly vapid, rocker. Seeing that Synergy’s chances were few, Glitter flipped to help the Tools, who pretty much didn’t need the help, and that flip ended up getting him targeted by his former team. Funny enough, had that flip not happened, the Synergists would have ended up back in power. It was a bold move by Glitter, and one that ended up backfiring in pretty spectacular fashion. Indeed, I’d say Glitter’s plays were, until his elimination, pretty much the thing to watch post-merge.

MATH!: Ah, Glitter. He was a hell of a guy. He had to work to prove to me that he had actually flipped, and when he proved it, it basically changed my entire outlook on the game. It was nice to have him willing to do what I wanted. I should have made slightly better use of that, but I was convinced I didn’t have to. Anyway…AMR. The guy’s less predictable than Will.

Jesus H. Buddha – Speaking of flippers… Annette Barron was a new player to the game, and making it to 9th in a field of 30 is pretty remarkable. She was willing to do her own thing, and partnered with Synergy to try to take out Norway. And then she joined a group with Norway the next week (yes a group of 5 players, with 9 remaining). And then the next week that group crumbled and Annette got elimination. Still, there were some bold plays by a new player, and that’s good to see. Plus, I think she did a great job with the character.

MATH!: Annette was a boon for a control player like me because I had no plan to get rid of her until she created one. I was completely convinced that Jesus was going to win this game until she made a brash, early turn that failed, which made her easy pickins. I’d feel guilty, if only guilt was in my wiring. On the other hand, the need for her elimination sucked because I truly wanted to take her to the end before she turned on our side.

The Mysterious Norway – The third elimination from “The Nucleus” was Brooks Maki. It was quite the elimination. Because it was Brooks. And if he’s eliminated, that’s noteworthy. But also because it was a big smash-’em-up battle between Norway and Math! And an idol elimination*. A certain someone who we haven’t gotten to yet had been working since the merge to pit these two against each other, and, well, that actually came to fruition. Meanwhile, several other astute players were using this elimination to try to set themselves up going forward. Which is exactly how the idol thing came to be. Math, afraid of a flipper, planned on playing his idol, and told Emile, his new #2/#3 that he had it. Emile said “let me vote for you too then, so it can seem like I’m with the Synergy people”. And so it was. Of course, Math would have won the tie-breaker, so having Emile’s vote with him would have won this one anyway, and then he’d have had the idol later. But hindsight is 20/20, and there was no way anyone wanted to go home with an idol in their pocket. Anyway, the moral here is that Brooks was getting eliminated anyway, so it wasn’t really an idol elimination. But it was great theater. Well, ok, Emile was debating who to go with, so had Math not told him about the idol, maybe Math would have actually gone here. Like I said, great theater.

MATH!: Emile wasn’t so much my “new” #2 or #3. He’d been in the mix for months (I wish that was an exaggeration). Anyway, dealing with Brooks is a hell of a thing. Though I love the man and his game, I wasn’t willing to become one of the countless dudes who said “let’s deal with him later” and then watched him win his fourteenth game. Like Novak said, I couldn’t die with an idol, so I devised a plan to use it here, while believing, to some degree, that I actually did need it.

Mathasaurus!– Everyone in the game knew that they needed to eliminate Kelly Wells, but very very few people had a plan for how to actually accomplish that. I was repeatedly surprised it didn’t happen, because lots of people told me, constantly, that it needed to happen. I know he only made it to 7th place, but I think this was about as good as a control/Boston Rob-type game can be played. He cracked skulls when needed. He silenced chatter when needed. He played nice – mostly – when needed. But everyone knew who he was, and even though everyone knew he needed to be paired with someone, no one was able to believe he was really going to be their partner. Not that anyone wanted to take second to him anyway, of course. Still, Kelly was an amazing player to watch. The dude knows this game inside and out.

MATH: I’m not sure what I’d do differently, gang. Certainly, information that I’ve had since then has given me some ideas, but it’s not like I could have applied information I didn’t have. On one hand, I felt good about the game. On the other hand, being eliminated in seventh place when I had an assumed group of four with my longest-running ally turning on me is something I didn’t do for the first time. Crap, gang! But remember in the future – I have to be with ONE of you, at the very least. I can’t do it alone!

Inspector Gidget – At first, I was bowled over by the character, as Melissa Diamond jumped right into it. Eventually, I couldn’t even separate the two in my mind. Indeed, Melissa will always be Gidget for me. This was a strong a game as you could play, socially, I think. She was friends with HBOD more than anyone, and he was the first merge elimination. She was friends with Glitter after that, and was able to distance herself from his flipping. She won friends by playing an idol for Mitch. Her read on people was fantastic. But eventually, as her closest allies got picked off, she just didn’t have anyone left to help her out.

MATH!: Melissa strikes me as a Bret for a new generation. She gets to the end but suddenly is left without allies and becomes the last easy drop before things get real. This is partially my fault because when I identified people that would make allies with her, I eliminated them. It was fun, gang!

Pugnacious Emile – Ben Johnson makes friends. That’s what the dude does. Despite the fact that he can be kind of surly. The only vote he had cast against him prior to his elimination was a self-vote when he was out of town. That was with good reason. Everyone in the game seemed to think to themselves “I can probably rely on Emile.” Norway, Math, Humberto and Gaspar were all pretty much thinking it at exactly the same time. That’s no small feat. I always said Ben’s game was undersold in XI. He proved it here.

MATH!: Emile kept me calm. Of all the people I didn’t eat, he’s the one I regret not eating the least. He became my most trusted advisor in the game despite the fact that I couldn’t identify him for most of the game – or maybe because of this fact. Let me not undersell this, gang – Ben is my favorite ally I’ve ever had in one of these stupid games, and if you eliminate him in a future game, be ready to feel Math wrath! 1 + 1 = Death!

Cuthbert Headlam – Conner Burke is one of the more fascinating players I’ve experienced in these games. After a memorable turn as Chubby Soup, he dropped the “h” and turned the “b’s” into “t’s” and became “Cutty.” He was late on more submissions than I care to count, but he always showed up eventually. Math’s biggest ally, I was never quite sure if he was suddenly going to turn. After Math got eliminated he certainly fought for his own survival, as he’d always had a solid thing going with Pie, and even Gaspar, and he was able to rely on that. A backup plan that worked.

MATH!: Cutty is…wow. What the hell is Cutty? I know him in person and I still don’t understand him. He said he was going to “Power of Bread” this game for me at an early stage (for non-regulars, this meant he was going to go to the end with me and then just openly admit that I should win). It seemed too good to be true but I’m pretty sure he never wavered from it. Of course, he gave me fits for quite a while regardless by rarely doing things in a timely manner. Being in an alliance with Conner is a full-time job.

Humberto, The Amazing Sandwich – Our second-to-last new player in this game, Molly B. was convinced to play only because this name was on the list (I stole it from Kelly, by the way. Credit where credit is due). The whole time she was engaged and was very deliberate in what she showed others. She was slow to trust other players, and watching out for herself left her knife in more backs than anyone else. But her plan to get to the final challenge worked like a charm, she pulled the trigger on Math when no one else could, she pulled down more individual immunities than anyone else, and, as she showed in the final challenge, she’s got the chops to go toe-to-toe with the best. Truly, this Sandwich was Amazing.

MATH!: Molly is a cutthroat, frigid rat that made some heartless decisions in order to improve her position in one of my stupid online games. In other words, I find her extremely attractive. Humberto made some backstabby moves that didn’t necessarily have to be made to improve her position, but in talking to her via email since the event, I worked out the situation on my own and realized that maybe getting me out that week wasn’t a mistake (though I landed on Cutty as her best target that time…if you ever want to hear a long, boring theory, let me know!). This name is one that I created for my old dice wrestling federation. Humberto, the Amazing Sandwich was an enhancement wrestler who never, ever won (like “A Really Scary Mummy”) but the name is so endearing I had to pitch it to Novak to use for this thing.

Now I don’t know how I’ll feel about the name going forward. But I feel something, and that can’t be bad! Good game, Molly! I look forward to killing you down the road. Maybe in the games, too!

From there we have Pie and Gaspar. Like many of the jurors, I know who both of them are, and I’m madly in love with both of them as people. I don’t want this to be weird, but frankly, I need to see them both naked before I die, and ideally, it would be at the same time. It’s been a wonderfully mathtacular game, gang, and eating twenty-three players, plus a beach bum and a raven-haired scientist, ran me ragged. I now leave the game in the handi-capable hands of Novak, to let you know which one of these sexy, soon-to-be-naked Survivors won the game. Thanks for CdLing, everyone! If ever I eat you again, let it be under less awkward circumstances! Roar, gang!
Alright, we’ll get you to your final vote in a little bit here, Survivors and onlookers! Thanks again to all!