Feeling like some results? I’ve got some for you. Hopefully you were able to lock down some meaningful early alliances, and identify enemies whose blood will drip from your shiv.

Take a look at the spreadsheet Congratulations to those of you who did well! For those who didn’t, well, rub some dirt on it and go out there and battle your tails off on the next one.

Oh, and we just baaaarely voted against having an immunity idol. We also voted even closer against a “Create a Challenge” challenge; I’ll admit that bums me out. It was a one-vote decision!

Please note that I won’t be making any public record of points. If you want to keep up, you’ll need to do that on your own. Thus, everyone will be able to know how many points a single person has gotten, though only through logic will they be able to divine who’s with what partner – and hopefully, that won’t happen soon. As for when team standings will go up, that’s after the third challenge, when I eliminate someone. At that point it’ll be updated every time an elimination happens.

Your next challenge is Owned. Since the first one asked you to engage in criminal activity by simulating a bank heist, this one will take it easier on your conscience, simply asking you to buy the other players as if they were slaves.

This will be a one-submission challenge due Tuesday night at 9pm Central. I had planned on making the next challenge due the nights of Tuesday through Friday, but I could either (a) cut a night or (b) add Saturday, which works for me as long as people don’t hate a weekend deadline, which I had otherwise planned to avoid.

You know what? I’ll make that one a three-turn challenge. Yeah, that can work just fine.

Anyway, Milkman, just shut up about logistics and get to the challenge.

For your submission you’ll include three things:

1) Distribution of value to fellow Gods/Mortals
2) An attempt to purchase one or more of yourself and fellow Gods/Mortals
3) The name of a fellow God/Mortal who won’t purchase you. If they do, it’ll suck for you.

Distribution of Value

You have $1000 worth of value to assign among the ten other people on your side of the clouds. You can give as much or as little to anyone you want on your side, excluding yourself. There will be no negatives to assign here, like in The Spread, if you’ve played that.

Each person will be valued at the total assigned him or her by the ten others. If the ten other folks each gave you $100 of value then you can be bought for $1000. It’s possible for someone to have no value (not necessarily a bad thing).

Bids to Purchase

I will not tell you the value of anyone – yourself included. I will also not be revealing each person’s distribution at any point, either, so you can hide your lies in this one, if you desire.

You will then have $11000 – the exact sum of everyone’s value – available to purchase as many or as few of the players (including yourself) as you want. For this phase it’s important to note that nobody’s bidding against one another. If you attempt to buy someone whose price is $300 then you get him, whether you bid that exact amount or your entire lump. Multiple players can successfully purchase the same player.

This is where you get your in-challenge points.

Bought Someone. If you buy someone, you will get 1 point for it.
Bought Someone Within $101-$1000. If you buy someone for just $101 to $1000 above the asking price, you get 2 points instead, unless you
Bought Someone Within $1-$100. If you buy someone for $1-$100 above the asking price you get 3 for them instead, unless, finally, you
Bought Someone for the Exact Asking Price. That’s worth 5.
Failed to Purchase. If you try to buy someone and fail, that’s worth -1 unless you
Failed to Purchase by $1001-$4999. If you miss by that much, you’ll get -2 unless finally you
Failed to Purchase by $5000 or More. You “get” -5 points for that.

There are a few bonuses…

Freedom. If nobody purchased you successfully, you get 5 points.
Owned! If everybody purchased you successfully, you get 10 points.
Cost the Most. If you have the highest value on your side, that’s worth 3. Anyone who ties for this will get the bonus.
Cost the Least. If you have the lowest value on your side, that’s worth 3. Anyone who ties for this will get the bonus.
Bought Everyone. If by some miracle you successfully purchase all eleven people for their exact value, you automatically win. There can be ties, of course.

Don’t Let This Person Purchase You.

The last thing you have to do (again, all in the same submission) is to give me the name of someone who won’t purchase you. If they do, you get -3 points. The only exception is if you got the “Owned!” bonus, in which case this negative will not be applied.


That’s it. A lot of words, but not so complex, I don’t think. At any rate, you have four days to figure it out. I hope you enjoy playing this one as much as I enjoyed concocting it, Gods and Mortals.

And once more: Tuesday at 9pm Central.