”Owned” Results.

We had a nonsub that time. If Horatio nonsubs again I’ll do my best to replace him.

Hey there, Gods and Mortals. I certainly got the full slate of responses there, as I got huge love for that challenge and one asshole ranting about it (guess who finished higher than the other?). This one will be somewhat recognizable to regulars, as you’re grabbing points with a blob on a spreadsheet, but there’s not a ton of room for a rather large number of you, and it could be pretty messy even early on.

For this one, you need to place a blob of seven spaces, that are all connected in some way (even diagonally) on this spreadsheet. Both the Gods and the Mortals have their separate pages (I considered putting you all on one huge board but it’s too early for that sort of anarchy), and the number values are the same. They were generated randomly and are between 0-20, and they represent the weight of your blob. You want your blob to weigh as much as possible.

However, if your blob intersects with anyone else, the space will be blacked out. It’s possible to be blacked out entirely after the first move, and if this happens, you weigh nothing and will just wait out the last two moves.

For the second and third turns, you add on to any segment of your blob, in any direction, for as many spaces as you want, up to twenty. Just give me the order of coordinates where the blob is going (it must start somewhere connected to the original during the second turn, and then move from there up, down, left, right or diagonally). You can move twenty spaces. You can move five. Or even zero, as long as you tell me you’re abstaining. However, if on the second or third turn you run into someone else growing their blob, both of you are done for the challenge and your entire move in that round is nullified.

Let me give a quick and dirty example: for instance, I place myself originally from B10-H10. Someone intersects on E10 because there’s a 20 that they wanted, so it goes away. All my other spots are fine. My weight is 72.

On my second turn I grow out from F10 in this order:


That’s 66 more points, and I don’t take a chance on getting any bigger than that. Unfortunately for me, someone else wanted one of the 19s and we intersect on the turn. We’re both stuck with our original blobs.

If on the third turn you intersect with someone, you lose just what you’re doing on your third turn – not what you did on the second.

After the three turns, your weight determines your finish. Easy enough? I have a feeling this challenge isn’t very hard to grasp, and I might be making it sound harder than it is. Anyway, as always, ask me if you have questions. Also, and I’m quite serious about this, let me know if you have trouble reading the spreadsheets due to colorblindness. One of my players mentioned it and I seriously had no idea. Though this one will be color coded by person, I’ll also have a move list there so it should be easy to follow.

After this challenge I’ll eliminate a team. I’ve decided not to make placements known yet because there’s still too much information to be learned, but let me put it this way: if you’re one of the several teams with fewer than 20 points, well, it’s crunch time.

Nonsubs on day one will get zero points. Later nonsubs will get a fifty pound penalty and, if it’s on the second day, will be eliminated from the challenge. Deadlines are Thursday, Saturday and Monday at 9pm Central. The first one will be here before long, so have at it, people.