“Snatch” doesn’t have any alternate meanings, does it? Alright, good.

Shamrock Drop results.

I had a couple other challenges in mind for this one, but somehow still ended up with an open spot, and had to shuffle a couple back due to the vacation of a Mortal (I’m not always so accommodating. I must be getting old).

There’s a game someone linked me to called “Inheritance” that’s kind of like this. It doesn’t really work for nine players, though, so I melded it with one of Novak’s challenges from XIV that I’m sure had a name that I’ve forgotten.

Here’s your board. Yes, it’s another spreadsheet challenge because I keep getting great reviews on them (if you’re sick of them, I assure you, the next one isn’t on a spreadsheet. However, it’s turn-based, so hopefully it doesn’t take a jillion turns).

The random numbers you see there are, uh, we’ll call them diamonds this time. Unless you rightfully oppose the diamond trade, in which case we’ll call them black market livers. Either way, you obviously want as many as possible. as such, you have two arrows – a right-facing arrow and a down-facing arrow – with which to snatch black market livers. You get credit for all those to the right and down of your respective arrows, but not the spaces they’re on (uh…I guess the numbers on the top row and leftmost column don’t matter, then). Gods and Mortals play on separate but identical boards.

Easy enough, yeah? But you also have one block. This will be placed on a specific coordinate and will stop any arrow’s momentum so a player only claims the livers between the arrow and the block (both those with arrows to the left, and those above).

Also, arrows stop the momentum of other arrows behind them. If Johnny Fapload places his right-facing arrow on A4 and Buster Nipplechaps places his at C4, then Johnny only gets the 5 livers on B4. If he runs into a down-facing arrow, that doesn’t figure in. Only the blocks can stop momentum from both directions. First I’ll do the right-facers and then I’ll do the down-facers. Also, and this is important, gang, livers repopulate when I do the down-facing arrows. Being claimed in the right-facing segment has nothing to do with whether or not a liver can be claimed in the down-facing segment. Is that clear(ish)? If two or more people claim from the same spot, they’ll evenly split what they would have gotten, had they been alone there (rounding to the lower number. If three people all claim 4.67 they’ll each get four livers).

I predict more than a few zero-pointers this time.

Points distribution will be 20-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. As always, nonsubs drop to the bottom and get zero points, and anyone who claims zero livers while playing will land above them.

I’ll probably leave the actual grid clean while just noting the results to the right.

You will know who placed what where.

Ask me questions, gang. These are due Tuesday night at 9pm Central. That seems like forever away, but again, it’s necessary for a player. Hopefully we don’t run into much more of that. People are already antsy for Survivor XV, after all…