Well, folks, after that clusterfudge that went a few days longer than anticipated, we have our elimination. Your results page is right here.

The elimination, below the jump:

The Cure

Pufferfish Wilson (Annette Barron)
Horatio Goat Disease (Miriam Metwaly (I) and Matthew Morin (II))

No matter the MM Annette was paired with, she came up short. She also becomes the first elimination to have won a challenge, so it’s pretty serious now, folks. She was also the last God to be assigned; I had a real close call to make between a few people and I enlisted the advice of some longtime players, who agreed that Annette’s Royal Rumble goodness put her over the edge. Was it the right call? I’m not sure, but she’s eliminated now, so who cares?

The next challenge couldn’t be simpler (seriously). It’s called All on the Line.

There’s a number line from 1-1000. You will place yourself on an integer. This is the entirety of what I need from you.

Your score will be as such:

The distance from the fellow God or Mortal below you + the distance from the fellow God or Mortal above you + the distance to the closest God or Mortal from the opposite side.

If you sit on the same space as a fellow, you will both get zero for the first two aspects of the challenge. If you sit on the same space as an opposite, you’ll get a zero for that part.

If you’re closest to the beginning, your points will be equal to your distance from zero. If you’re closest to the end, your points will be equal to your distance from 1001. These are both unless you’re doubled up.

A quick example:

Farthington von Landingham III (God): 7
Cleansed Robotics (God): 116
Slap Crappity (Mortal): 220
Horny O’Friendship (Mortal): 220
Mumbletygroin (Mortal): 221
History’s Greatest Meatloaf (God): 587
Radical Cabbage (God): 636
Dickus Minimus (Mortal): 879

One thing is certain about this hypothetical game: the Mortals should have talked to each other a bit more. But here’s how their points shook out:

Farthington: 336
Cleansed: 684
Meatloaf: 707
Radical: 757

Slap: 104
Horny: 104
Mumbletygroin: 764
Minimus: 1023

It’s that simple. If you don’t see how I landed on any of these numbers, let me know.

Points: 20-10-8-6-4-2-1

Have your number to me by Wednesday night at 9pm Central. I’ve got a feeling that’s going to be entirely too long for this, but I didn’t want to find out that Tuesday was too short.