Do you want some results from All on the Line? Here they are.

As for who got eliminated, that’s after the jump.

Nutella Fever
Fudge and Heartache (Ben Johnson)
Hamster Fabulous (Margaret Martin)

This was one team where both players could have a legitimate argument for Godhood, given their ubiquitousness and ability to go deep into games. They didn’t make the midway point of the eliminations here, but hey, they usually do.

We now have just six teams (and four challenges) left. The next one is Thor’s Hammer. This is one where I came up with the name and concept long before coming up with the rules (I do that a lot).

Your goal is to become the strongest person by the end of the day, and therefore the one who can lift Thor’s hammer Mjolnir (I would have named the challenge “Mjolnir” but I didn’t know how many people would get that). Instead of being born a God, though, you’ll have to do this by pumping more iron than your opponents. This one, by the way, will have you on separate sheets.

You’ll be scheduling your workout for a sixty minute period (1:00 to 1:59) and this is another single-submission challenge. There are five different strength-training exercises you can do; they each have different benefits. We’ll refer to the points you’re gathering as “Hammer-Grabs.” Not a euphemism.

Clean & Jerk (also not a euphemism): 12 Hammer-Grabs per minute
Dead Lift: 9 HG per minute
Squat: 6 HG per minute
Snatch (ahem): 3 HG per minute
Shoulder Press: 1 HG per minute

You can’t do a single exercise for more than thirty minutes total of the sixty, so if you did Clean and Jerk from 1:00 to 1:29 and the Dead Lift from 1:30 to 1:59, you’d get (12×30) + (9×30). That would be the thing to do, except you can be kicked off of what you’re doing, at which point you simply wait for your next exercise and hope you’re able to commandeer it.

Here’s the thing: if you’re the only one to start on the Clean and Jerk, you get full benefit of it, but if two or more people attempt it at the same minute, they take control (and split the benefit to 6 HG a minute). You, in this case, would have to wait until your next scheduled thing and hope you can get it, whether because it’s open or you teamed up with someone to take control. Same numbers cannot take control, or share benefits. To take over, you have to have more people, not equal or more

If you and three others all start on the Clean and Jerk, obviously you can’t be kicked off because there aren’t enough people to do so. You split the points four ways for as long as four of you are doing it, though. So what’s the best way to play it? Team up on minutes, or hope to get full benefits by grabbing times after others are done with an exercise? I really don’t know, but we’ll find out. You can change exercises as often as you want – all sixty minutes, if you must (what fun that would be for your tabulator) – but of course, no exercise can be used more than thirty of the sixty minutes.

This is probably going to be a bear to play, so I’ll give you until Monday night at 9pm Central to figure it out. Questions can go here or in my inbox. As always, if your side finishes early I’ll post when I can.

As a matter of necessity, everyone will see your entire workout plan. Once more, let me remind you that Gods and Mortals are on opposite sides of this one.

Points: 20-10-8-6-4-2.

After that, three more challenges! The next, if it stays the same, will be quick and easy, similar to navigating the last challenge. The second to last one, if I stick with it, will probably require a live game (I could run it with day-long turns, but that would take real time). The last one will be turn-based and the amount of time it takes will vary based on how each player decides to do things. Again, live would be great, but that one has all six remaining players on the same board, so coordinating that might be tough.

Have at it, gang.