Your results for Thor’s Hammer are right here. It ended up being easier to tabulate than I thought (the nonsub helped). Elimination after the jump.

The Power of Positive Blinking

Habib Johnson (Will Young)
The Sausage Link Kid (AMR)

Man, I loved both these characters (they were the original odd couple!). Thus goes one of our more learned Mortals again, as just five pairs of you remain to finish this thing. This challenge will ask for the quickest turnaround of the whole game, as the single submission is due Wednesday night at 10pm Central. Why an extra hour? Because I’ll be at work until then. Results could be late, but on the other hand, this challenge will also be extremely easy to tabulate.

This one’s called Free Trade. You’ll be setting prices for eight different items, and you’ll receive money for the prices you set…unless you set the highest one. So, if one of the items is a Hello Kitty jumping balloon, and you set the price at $76 while all others on your end set it at $5 or less, then they’ll all get the money for the price they set while you get nothing.

That’s the entire explanation. You have $100 to set as prices for these eight items, and that’s how it’ll work. There is no rhyme nor reason to these items, nor are there any hidden bonuses to certain ones. They’re just things I thought of.

The eight things:

Hello Kitty jumping balloon
Vanilla Ice: To the Extreme
Rhode Island
A five-pound chub
Falcon Crest commemorative plate
E.T. (Atari version)
A black market javelina
Bret Highum’s “Most Improved Player” award

You do not have to use all $100. Also, you don’t have to use integers. Dollars and cents will work, as long as your total doesn’t exceed a hundred dollars.

Gods and Mortals are on opposite pages. You will know, as a matter of necessity, what everyone does.

After that, we shrink to four per side and we’ll be best served to schedule that challenge live. I sure hope that isn’t a pipe dream.

See you soon, gang.


Obviously, your money at the end determines your finish.

Points: 20-10-7-4-1