Do you want some Free Trade results? Well, I’m sure you saw them last night before my computer shat itself, but there they are.

The elimination:

Cornholers United

…yes, really.

Ralph, in Pog Form (Brendon Stanton)
Blandy Lonestar (Alex Kunau)

Brendon was all up in this game, figuring out strategies and such. Alex seemed more like he was listening to the pulse of the game and submitting at the last second based on who he trusted most. He didn’t copy me in on many emails, though, so I can’t be sure. At any rate, it’s either awesome or a shame that this team name won’t be immortalized on the sidebar.

The next challenge is Grave Robbers, a challenge I meant to run at Cutthroat Junction almost a year ago. It would work best live, but if that’s a pipe dream – and it might be, because it would be preferable to have Gods and Mortals playing at the same time so the second group doesn’t play differently in response – we can do ten moves (two per day, hopefully utilizing the weekend).

I’ll lay out the way the game is played, and then the two options. I’ll give you today to let me know which we should do, and assuming we do the ten-move thing, the first moves will happen tomorrow (at…5pm and 9pm? Good enough?).

In this game, you’re stealing corpses. We got away from the “criminal activity” thing we had going, but we’re going back to our roots. For each turn, you’ll claim the body of one of the fourteen players that have been eliminated. At the end of ten turns, your finish will be based on the number of corpses in your possession.

The Gods and Mortals are on different sides, though the fourteen available corpses will be the same.

If two or more people attempt to take the same corpse on a turn, it won’t change hands, including on a second turn if someone took it in the first. So, if Ultragrandpa claims Hurricane Gumby on the first turn, and both Boby and Mustard attempt to take him on the second, he’ll be kept by Ultragrandpa.

You will have very limited visibility in this challenge. All you’ll see is which corpses have been claimed, and each person’s current score. You won’t even be able to see your own corpses, so if you lose one, you won’t know which it is and you’ll have to rely on getting info from your fellows. Thus, it’s possible for you to claim a corpse that you already have. If this happens, nothing will happen unless someone else was trying to claim it, in which case you will block that claim.

At the end of ten turns your pile of bodies determines your finish. Scores will be doled out like this: 20-10-6-2.

I’m going to go ahead an favor the ten-turn game. The second turn each day will be at 9pm Central. Any preferences for the first? Also, is anyone gone this weekend? We’ve had a lot of problems with weekend vacations lately, but I can’t remember anyone saying they’d be gone for this one. If you will, though, let me know and we’ll skip over Saturday and Sunday, I guess.

Home stretch, gang! Just one challenge left after this.