Hey there, Survivors! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve gotten to run my own game? Seven months and three days. Yes, I’m counting.

I believe we’ve hit a wall with 21 players here. It’s not “officially” capped but if nobody else does the pre-draft challenge, this is where we’ll settle.

In the writing seasons, we have a bad habit of ending up with wildly disproportionate teams. This time, if we end up with wildly disproportionate teams, it’ll be the captains’ fault.

By Friday at 9pm Central, have a story sent to me (foreverunchanged@gmail.com) that’s exactly 100 words long, or shorter. It can be about anything. Gilman, DK and I will judge these – while not making them public – and the top three scorers will draft people based on their stories (they’ll see the stories, but not the names of the people who wrote them). Only the captains will know the results of the draft, and nobody else will even be told who the captains are (captains won’t even know the identities of the other captains). This will be as blind as possible on our end. I won’t belabor this and explain all the ins and outs, because if you aren’t a captain, it won’t really pertain to you.

There is no other benefit to being a captain after the draft. Also, it should be obvious, but there will be no elimination after this challenge.

During the game, as you should know if you’ve played before, it’s very bad to fail to submit a story. In this challenge, if you fail to submit, you’ll be subject to random draw at the end of the draft with all the other nonsubs, and your captain will be told the identity of all teammates who didn’t submit a story.

This should be it, unless you have questions for me (if you do, use the email address above, which will be the only one you use throughout the game). I’ll now email everyone about this as well, and from there I’ll expect you to either be subscribed to the site or be paying attention to know when the deadlines are.

Alright, is that everything? I think it is. Cheers, Survivors.