Howdy do, Survivors? Good to know you. Today’s discussion of partnerships and team names has been riotous. If you’re from the team that’s weirdly been quiet, you’re missing out. I’ll send out email lists to the two teams that don’t yet appear to have all-team conversations.

Also, copy me in on things that are either interesting or funny (if you’re not sure whether something is interesting or funny, send it anyway. I have nothing better to do. Okay, I do, but I don’t like doing anything as much as reading Survivor nonsense). I’ll be making game notes that anyone can see at the end of the game. For the record, I won’t include things if I think they could be truly hurtful, and if you regret saying something, you can ask me to soften the blow, and I’ll either honor your request or tell you to suck it.

So, you guys can name your teams at any time. It seems I’m extremely close to getting two team names, both of which amuse me. The other teams should talk about it and come up with one, because if you don’t by the time this challenge is due, I’ll allow someone outside your team to name your team.

The first challenge is called First Meeting. Your word limit will be 150. I’d love to give you more, but when there are so many of you, judging is an endless process and I’m going to attempt to make it easy on the three of us early on here. In this story, you’re writing about the first time two (or more) characters meet. It could also be their only meeting, if you like, but it must be their first, whether they go on to get married or fight a war against each other, or whatnot.

Players: 28
Medals: 4 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Bronze

The team with the lowest medal points per person will vote someone out. Medals are worth 5, 3 and 1. A nonsub will be worth -2 points. Every team with a nonsub will vote someone out, and the nonsub will automatically vote for him or herself. If a team ends up faring worse than any team with a nonsub, then they, too, will vote someone out. I look forward to a possible four-elimination week, gang!

The story will be due Friday night at 8pm Central. Three days is the typical frame for these early ones, but I have a school-year-end thing with my daughters Thursday, and two days just seems a little cruel (but maybe worth trying sometime?). The next one, a team challenge, will be another four-day challenge or so, since you’ll have to coordinate. The one after that might be a team thing too, but I’m not setting anything in stone yet.

For new players, or those with short memories. Having someone read over your work and make comments or suggestions is well within the rules. Having someone rework your soft bits (hmm, that sounded dirtier than intended) is not.

That should do it for now. Cheers, Survivors.