I’m at work and can’t really show you emails and all, nor will I yet be posting the first proper challenge until tonight, but I can give you this much. Normally I’d ask for a team name, but since you’ve yet to talk to one another, I won’t ask for that until tonight either.

Players are listed alphabetically so as to hide draft results.


Shawn Ashley
Pete Bruzek
Roman Feeser
Rusty Greene
Rex Ogle
Peter Steinke
Will Young


Annette Barron
Melissa Diamond
Jack Haas
Joe Harrell
Tom Morgan
Zack Sauvageau
Colin Wolfson


Leif Bierly
Brian David
Bret Highum
Brooks Maki
Margaret Martin
Colin Woolston


Sarah Bizek
Christina Pepper
Jonathon Pope
Sama Smith
Erik S
Katie Walter
Sarah Wreisner


So how about that? A five-woman team! A three-first-timer team! Dogs and cats living together!

DID YOU KNOW: every cap’n got their first choice but only one also got their second?

You’re free to talk to one another. You should be able to nab email addresses from the mass email thread if you don’t know them; if you can’t find someone I’ll get it to you later. I’ll see you in a new post tonight, but for now, enjoy the lists (or not) and email me with soundbytes for the game notes, eh?