I waffled for days on whether or not I was going to run this challenge this time around, but in the end, I figured I’d regret it if I didn’t. Let’s eliminate someone first though, yes? It seems cruel to have to do so this early, but them’s the breaks.

Vote One: Will Young.

Vote Two: Peter Steinke.

Vote Three: Roman Feeser.

The final four votes are under the jump.

Vote Four: Peter Steinke.

Vote Five: Peter Steinke. “Well, then. I’ll vote for Pete. Not me, though.”

Vote Six: Peter Steinke. “I’m voting for Peter Steinke because I’m an asshole. J/K! I’m so sad! :(”

Vote Seven: Peter Steinke. “I’ll vote Pete S because we’re canceling the adventures of Pete and Pete”

First Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Peter Steinke

Oh, sure, the second time we’ve had everyone submit the first challenge…and like that time, a first-timer is the first casualty. Peter was fairly excited about this, so maybe he’ll do a few prompts for the hell of it? Or maybe he’ll silently plot all of your deaths. It’s been a long time since I saw him in person, so for all I know, he’s half-mad these days.

The game marches on with Choose Your Own Adventure. In this one, each team will write a Choose Your Own Adventure story (you all remember those, right?). I’ll assume everyone knows how they work (and if not, someone on your team can tell you) and just let you know what you’ll be doing.

Each person is allotted 125 words in his or her section. Team Priestly, have one person write two sections so you’ll still have a seven-part story and we won’t know which story belongs to which team (we read these anonymously. Everyone knows that, right?).

At the bottom of the section where you have your options (such as: To go left, go to section 2. To go right, go to section 3), those words won’t count against your total.

Scoring will be different for this one, sort of. The judges will give one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze across each of the four stories, with a winning entry being the one that made the biggest impression, or the one that had the greatest concept, or whichever one made us horniest. Further, on each team, we’ll each also give out a Gold, Silver and Bronze to our favorite sections.

I thought about having two eliminations this time, but will only do so if players beg me to speed that up and do it since I said I wouldn’t yet.

We’ll be doing this a bit differently: the team that finishes lowest in the team portion of the scoring will eliminate someone (and remember that any team with a nonsub will eliminate someone automatically). Furthermore, the two highest scoring members of the losing team can’t be voted out. No pressure!

Since you all have to think of concepts and assign sections, I’ll give you until Thursday at 8pm Central to send your sections. When you do so, PLEASE, in the subject line, mention which team and section it is to simplify gathering when it’s time.

That’s it. I don’t think anything was left out, but something always is, so I’ll answer it when you ask here.

Cheers, Survivors.