Well hey there, Survivors! Welcome to Twenty Questions, a perennial challenge that’s always (a) a favorite and (b) a source of much hand-wringing among teammates. Get along, now!

For this challenge, your team will field twenty questions. There are not twenty, and not all of them are questions. For each of the items on the list, your team is to come up with just one response. So, work together all you want to figure out which answers are best. When a consensus is reached on all of them, just one person will send me the master list, at which point I will only accept a list override from that person.

On each of the questions, DK, Matthew and I will each give one point to our favorite response, for a total of 45 points (since there are fifteen not-necessarily-questions).

While I won’t be forcing multiple eliminations, it’ll work this way: any team with eight or fewer points will eliminate a member. If there are none, then the team with the fewest points will eliminate someone. If there are none and it’s a tie, then all teams tied at the bottom will eliminate someone.

There will be no solo nonsubs, so if someone doesn’t help and you lose, it’s up to you to hold him accountable. Of course, if an entire team nonsubs their list (one year, two of the four teams did this. Really), then those teams will eliminate someone, but all players will be allowed to vote.

The “twenty” “questions” are after the jump.

1 Give me the tagline of a season of “America’s Got Talent” that only features contestants from New Jersey.
2 A brick with a note is hurled through your front window. What does the note say?
3 In Heaven, ________.
4 A device is invented that allows you to know when you’re about to be nagged by your significant other. What is it called?
5 Q*Bert is revived for a new and cynical generation. Give me a quick rundown of how the new game works.
6 A known or suspected murderer gets a new reality show where he or she answers fan mail. Name it.
7 A new season of Spookymilk Survivor pits all the most memorable non-submitters against one another. What is the season’s nickname?
8 Give me the most vapid name and concept for a new big-city club or restaurant you can think of.
9 You’re angry with a loved one. How do you prank him or her?
10 Name a new beer that attempts to recreate the taste of human flesh.
11 The New York Post uncovers a secret human-trafficking ring led by Derek Jeter. What’s the headline?
12 I’ll regret this, but name a pornographic film that spoofs Fraggle Rock.
13 David Copperfield comes up with a new trick that propels magic to all-time heights of popularity. What’s the trick?
14 Agatha Christie’s (arguably) most successful book had its name changed, as it was originally titled “Ten Little N***ers.” What other classic tale underwent a change for similar reasons?
15 The true Gay Agenda is revealed! What is it?


It seems I’m in the mood to work blue. Hopefully that’s still my mood when these are due Monday night at 8pm Central. You’ll probably want to get started early on a challenge like this, eh?

Cheers, Survivors.