Remember how results were done: each team had a score, and within each team, there was one of each medal type given. None of this means much because there was just one nonsub, but that’s how it worked.

Results are on this document. Comments are after each team, not each section (with the nonsub deciding everything, it made more sense for us to keep it simple).

Meanwhile, since I knew which team had a nonsub, I allowed them to get in their vote while judging was happening. All that is after the jump.

The team was Big Brass…Band who saw Katie Walter nonsub. Nonsubs automatically vote for themselves, soooo…

Vote One: Katie Walter (her own).

Vote Two: Katie Walter. “Katie :-(”

Vote Three: Katie Walter. “Katie is certainly getting my vote here. Sigh.”

Vote Four: Katie Walter: “Fuck! Oh well. Obviously I’ll vote for Katie. Consider my vote in if you need it. Is there a fart joke in here somewhere? No? Okay.”

Vote Five: Katie Walter.

Vote Six: Katie Walter. “My vote is for Katie What’s-Her-Name. Don’t show up one minute past the deadline, yo. It’s just class-less.”

Vote Seven: Katie Walter. “Yes, voting for Katie. Because duh.”

Second Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Katie Walter

I’m sort of glad they had a nonsub, because ties on their individual scores would have made it hard to figure out what to do for immunity. On the downside, nonsubs in intricate challenges like this kind of drive me crazy, since it’s a lot of work for a foregone conclusion. Well, down the road maybe Katie will play again, and subscribe to the site and therefore know when the deadlines are? In any event, we press on. A new challenge will go up in the next three hours. Cheers, Survivors.