Oy, what an irritating night. But let’s get to it:

Vote One: Christina Pepper. “She’s a salty little thing, and I love her. This was an impossible vote. None of us deserve to go.”

Vote Two: Jonathon Pope. “(sorry brah)”

Vote Three: Christina Pepper. “Hey guys! How are we going to decide who to vote for? Guys? Hello? That’s weird, where did they all go? Well, I’ll just come up with a plan and wait until they come back. Should be soon. I’m just going to put our names into random.org and… Huh. That’s weird, it came up with Brooks. I must have entered the wrong list. I’ll just try again aaaannnd… Brooks.

Oh! I had it set to “vote for Brooks” mode. My bad. Now it says Christina Pepper.

Guys! I got my answer! Hello? Guys?”

Vote Four: Jonathon Pope.

Vote Five: Jonathon Pope.

Vote Six: Jonathon Pope. “sorry man, this voting thing sucks ass balls!”

Fourth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Jonathon Pope

Sadly, the diary of Jon Constantipople has come to an end (no, there wasn’t really a diary this time). This was…quite the little vote, here. It seems like this could be a hell of a game, folks.

The next challenge is The Omega Man. The story is about the last person on Earth (despite the title of the challenge, it needn’t be a man). It’s fine if we learn – or if it’s suggested – that there are actually others somewhere, but this person must believe at the outset of the story that he or she is the last person alive on Earth. What will these be about? I really don’t know, but I look forward to finding out. I was going to run Bantam Bulwyr here, but I need a quick turnaround on the next challenge so I think we’ll see it then (unless I have one of my trademark changes of heart).

This is due Tuesday at 8pm Central and I have the most annoying work schedule I’ve had in a while next week, so results will be quite late. I hate to do that, but there’s no day after it that would be any better (though we could make it due Monday, but I think this one will need time to percolate). It’s got a max of 150 words again and medals will be 4/4/4. Remember that there will be two eliminations after this one; the bottom two teams will eliminate someone and if there are ties, we’ll go with “number of scorers” again. If this still results in a tie I’ll eliminate people from all tied teams. Same nonsubs rules as always. I’ll stop saying that now, as it’ll remain the same until the merge.

Alright, Survivors – good luck on your one-person stories (and yes, the character is intended to be human). Cheers.