This was one of the more intriguing eliminations I’ve ever seen, kiddos. Miranda Priestly’s Unholy Sweater Crisis, you definitely know how to entertain a mod and some followers.

Vote One: Shawn Ashley.

Vote Two: Rusty Greene. “Now he has a vote against him if a tiebreaker is ever needed.”

Vote Three: Shawn Ashley. “Super sadface, as I like Shawn Ashley’s writing, but this time around the story didn’t do it for me. So that’s my vote.”

Vote Four: Rusty Greene. “Rusty the awesomely diabolocal – It’s like my pappy always told me. If you can’t do something smart, do something incredibly stupid with no fallback plan whatsoever.”

Vote Five: Shawn Ashley. “There will be no lip synching for your life.”

One vote left, gang! Either Shawn goes or a tie forces a write-off.

Vote Six: Shawn Ashley.

Got a fallback plan, voter four? Yikers!

Sixth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Shawn Ashley

Shawn always either goes all the way to the finals or gets dropped shockingly early. This is her second “shot” at the latter. Shawn typically picks it up with longer word limits…unluckily for her, we hadn’t gotten to that portion of the game yet.

So, the next challenge is Bantam Bulwyr, as I warned some of you. This challenge is simple enough: you write the first 35 words (or less) of a novel that are so mind-numbingly awful, the reader is forced to stop. Intentionally blowing grammar and spelling doesn’t work here; we have to believe that the dreck could actually be published. Bad metaphors sometimes work, stupid inner monologues, ideas that wouldn’t sustain 300 pages or more…these are the lifeblood of this challenge.

Here’s one favorite from season VIII, from occasional player Ian Pratt:

Like the finest Swiss watch, Special Agent Jim Crossgate’s plan called for ruthless German efficiency and extra ammo.

That should give you some idea of what we want. Expect scores to be all over, if this is like usual, as no challenge is more open to interpretation that this one, potentially. One big thing to keep in mind is that we don’t want a full story here; this is the opener to a novel.

They’re due Friday night at 8pm Central. I work until two hours after that, but like last time, I hope to get the stories out to the other guys early. After the next two eliminations I’m going to up the word limit some, and we’ll see if it’s too far and if I hate myself for doing it.

Cheers, Survivors.