Man, I had a lot of ideas for this challenge. I wanted to do something with a crushingly low word limit to force some word economy again before getting very generous with a double-prompt again next time to celebrate our nation’s independence (it’s not an independence-themed challenge, but let’s go with it), but I did end up jumping from a planned 30 to 100 words for this one. You’re welcome! Before that, let’s see what the very put-upon Freshly Ruptured Hymen did this week, as further penance for making me type their team name this many times.

Vote One: Jack Haas.

Vote Two: Joe Harrell. “All my comments are unprintable.”

Vote Three: Joe Harrell.

Eleventh Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Joe Harrell

When FRH eliminated Melissa I could see it, in some ways, and I’ll bore you with lots of game theory once you’re eliminated if you care. However, there’s no getting around the fact that this team has now eliminated its highest scorer after two of the last three challenges. It’s unconventional, I’ll give it that!

Joe was a breath of fresh air, and a different kind of writer with a laid-back voice that I really, really dig on the whole, and although I hear the social backstabbery of this game was contrary to his kind heart, I hope he does Play with the Prose here sometime, at the very least (where everyone gets to write until the last challenge).

Though we’ve lost another new player for the first time since the first few weeks, the game marches on with the seventeen of you who remain. This challenge is called The Hook and I’m not sure yet if it’s too easy or fiendishly difficult. How ’bout you tell me?

In this challenge, you have 100 words to set the stage for what would be a full-length novel. However, there are no characters presented in the segment you write. I want to be hooked into the story and drawn into – yes, the prose, but also a conflict and plot if possible, all while not learning about a single one of the dramatis personae. To be clear, I have no idea what a great entry in this challenge will look like, but I’m very intrigued to learn.

These are due by Tuesday the 1st at 8pm Central. That’s fairly short particularly as there’s a weekend day in there, but the next deadline will be a bit more generous and hey, you won’t be writing that many words this time anyway.

Oh, I have to get this out there too, I suppose: if the Hymenators lose, then the current challenge will be considered their “write-off” and the higher scorer will survive. If this is a draw we’ll ask for an actual write-off, where ties are not possible.

Cheers, Survivors.