Aloha, Survivors. Isn’t it annoying when four people take all damned day to vote? I know! Thankfully, though, we’ve got a definitive finish.

Vote One: Sarah Wreisner.

Vote Two: Erik S. “Vote: Erik, don’t be late for this important date! Well, not a “date” exactly, but you get it, right?”

Vote Three: Sarah Wreisner. “Sorry it had to come to this, dude.”

Vote Four: Erik S. “But it sucks!”

Twelfth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Write-Off, Bitches!

Erik and Sarah, have a story to me by tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8pm Central that reveals what really happened to The Princes in the Tower. Your word limit is 400. See, there’s an upside to writeoffs.

The Win or Lose challenge will have to wait to be announced, but put in your heads ideas of either everyone succeeding in everything they do or everyone failing in everything they do and you’ll be fairly well prepared for tomorrow’s official announcement of stories due Monday and Tuesday after a long holiday break.

Cheers, Surivors.