Alright, gang. Leif made a pretty interesting pitch yesterday. Did it pay off?

Vote One: Leif Bierly (his own).

Vote Two: Leif Bierly.

Vote Three: Leif Bierly. “I can sympathize with you, Leif. I’m sorry you had to go out this way. Here’s hoping the Walrus makes you proud!”

Vote Four: Leif Bierly. “I have to vote for Leif. Don’t want to, but I see no other tenable options.”

Vote Five: Leif Bierly. “We had a good run – really good. I hoped it would never end, but, well, here we are. Anyway, there will be more games at the casa, and I’m looking forward to playing with you again.”

Vote Six: Leif Bierly. “I’m always tempted to put down unnecessarily long-winded explanations of self-explanatory votes. The end.”

Vote Seven: Leif Bierly. “A world with Klaus and T’mois Best is a better place. Sorry it had to end this way.”

By the way, let me point out to the current Survivor generation that his name is pronounced “Life BEER-ly.” We find that typically, people don’t get the first nor the last name correct. Hmm…I suppose it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Fifteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Leif Bierly

Was Leif in your long-term alliance? This vote suggests he wasn’t. Watch for that blindside now, though, ’cause if it happens you’ll regret this!

In any event, we now advance to Last Meeting. I initially said it would be due Friday, but Friday isn’t all that friendly a day for DK so I’m making it due Thursday at 8pm Central instead. You have 400 words to tell a story about two characters that are meeting for the last time, whether they know it or not. You’re allowed to have appearances from other characters, if you trust that they won’t obfuscate your intent.

That’s about all there is to this one, folks. At this point I’d like to ask Rusty if he does expect to be off the grid from the 19th-26th or not, because if so, I need to plan for that eventuality as well. Everyone else: stop going places.

Cheers, Survivors.